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K-Drama Recap: “The Miracle We Met” Episodes 11-16

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The story of a man who finds himself in another man’s body is slowly coming to its resolution in the latest episodes of The Miracle We Met!

Things are starting to fall into place as Song Hyun Chul slowly puts the pieces connecting his two lives together in the KBS melodrama. As the story slowly comes to a close, the mystery behind the people guilty of messing up the lives of the two families slowly unravels. The secret is now out – and everyone is trying to find a way to come to terms with it.

Here’s a rundown of highlights from episodes 11-16:

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The First Confrontation

Song Hyun Chul is brought by Detective Park to the police station for interrogation. He was arrested as the prime suspect for murdering Jang Gi Chul, the man who was responsible for tampering with the brakes on Hyun Chul B’s car. Detective Park informs him that they found his tiepin at the crime scene. He tells him that he didn’t commit the murder, and he was being framed because someone must have found out that he was digging into the case of Hyun Chul’s loan.

Both Hye Jin and Yeon Hwa go to the police station, and they end up making a scene as Hye Jin questions Yeon Hwa’s relationship with her husband. When Hye Jin confronts Hyun Chul at home, he hands her the divorce papers she gave him before which sends her crying. She gets Yeon Hwa’s number from Ddak Pool and calls her to meet up. They have a heated conversation, where both claim to be Hyun Chul’s wife.

miracle we met drama recap

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The Evidence

Hyun Chul goes to Kwak Hyo Joo, and starts firing questions at her in relation to the loan schemes at the bank, and Hyun Chul being framed for Jang Gi Chul’s murder. She obviously realizes that Hyun Chul was starting to connect the dots, and fakes being sick in order to file a leave of absence.

However, her VIP client goes looking for her to open her safety deposit box. The client makes a fuss, and Ddak Pool ends up finding the key to the safety deposit box in Hyo Joo’s office. While checking the contents of her safety deposit box, the woman finds a USB that isn’t hers and brings it out. Hyun Chul takes it and opens the files in his computer – where he discovers a suspicious list of the bank’s dormant clients and customers who are qualified for loans. He tells an employee to hand the USB and the list of employees on leave which he obtained to Detective Park.

Meanwhile, Shinhwa Bank’s President Kim meets up with Park Jong Won, one of Hyun Chul’s employees, who is revealed to be the one that reported Hyun Chul to HR because he wanted Hyun Chul to wake up, and return back to his old self. He says that the bank’s poor performance is affecting his income, which he badly needs because his wife is currently undergoing dialysis. President Kim knows this, and gives him a card to pay for his wife’s kidney transplant. He informs him that his help doesn’t come for free though, and Mr. Park agrees to do him a favor.

miracle we met drama recap

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The Confession

Yeon Hwa calls Hyun Chul and tells him that his father is sick. They discover that he has acute pneumonia at the hospital. While talking to the doctor, Hyun Chul reveals that his father had a case of pneumonia eight years ago, and Yeon Hwa looks at him as if she was confirming her suspicions about her husband’s soul being in this Song Hyun Chul’s body.

When his father wakes up, Hyun Chul starts scolding him, and lets out the fact that he’s his son Song Hyun Chul. He finally confesses to his father, and says that he will go back as soon as he resolves all his problems. However, his father tells him not to go back, and live this new life that he has as another Hyun Chul instead. Yeon Hwa overhears this conversation and tears up.

He finally admits to Yeon Hwa that he’s Song Hyun Chul, her husband, but he insists that he seems to be both of the Hyun Chuls now. He asks Yeon Hwa to give him some time to resolve his problems to save both families. Yeon Hwa angrily asks him why he cares for Hye Jin and her kids, and he tells her that he’s also part of that family now.

Subsequently, Yeon Hwa meets up with Ddak Pool, and tells him that she’s scared because she feels like Hyun Chul won’t come back to her because of Hye Jin.

The Runaway

Detective Park meets up with Hyun Chul at the hospital, and they discuss the evidence he gave. Hyun Chul tells the detective that Hyo Joo is his prime suspect for the loan conspiracies, and tells him to make it impossible for her to leave the country. Detective Park acts on it right away, and goes to Hyo Joo’s address with a warrant, but no one answers. President Kim also calls Hyo Joo, but she doesn’t answer him either.

Hyo Joo decides to go on the run, and arranges to board a boat from Incheon Port to China, which Hyun Chul remembers her mentioning before. He tips this off to Detective Park, and he follows her to the port. He successfully arrests her before the boat could leave, and he brings her to the station for interrogation. He throws questions at her irately, and she has her fists clenched the entire time as her scheme gets laid out in front of her. The police rush into the interrogation room after she starts screaming in frustration, and she tells them that she won’t speak until her lawyer arrives. She calls President Kim and threatens him to help her.

miracle we met drama recap

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At the same time, all of Shinhwa’s employees talk about Osung Group’s issue, which was under fire at the moment, and how their bank is related to the controversy as they have granted a loan to the company. They talk about how they don’t believe that it was Hyun Chul, who granted the loan, which everyone else seems to be saying. Mr. Yook remembers when he hid in Hyun Chul’s office and found Hyo Joo using Hyun Chul’s computer.

The Parting

Hye Jin finds out that Yeon Hwa was listed as “wife” in Hyun Chul’s contact list, and she was listed as “lady”. She slowly starts to believe that something’s up with her husband, which explains how much he’s changed since the accident. Yeon Hwa and Hye Jin have a standoff against each other as Yeon Hwa shows up at the department store Hye Jin works at, where Hyun Chul is currently doing a promotion for his bank.

Meanwhile, Ji Soo starts realizing that her dad might have been in Hyun Chul’s body. She talks to Kang Ho and confirms her thoughts as he mentions some new habits his dad does that her dad used to do. She goes to Hyun Chul’s workplace and calls him father. She runs to hug him, and they both cry in each other’s arms.

Both wives invite him over for dinner, but he shows up at Hye Jin’s. He apologizes to her for taking her for granted while he was alive. He tells her that he’s not her husband, and says that he must go back to his real family and wife. He stands up to leave, but Hye Jin chases after him. Despite begging him to stay with her, he chooses to back to Yeon Hwa, which leaves Hye Jin feeling empty and broken.

miracle we met drama recap

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The Argument

Yeon Hwa feels glad that Hyun Chul chose to be with them, but she, Ji Soo, and Hyun Chul’s dad all notice that he looks sullen the entire time. Hyun Chul and Yeon Hwa talk alone, and she demands that he should cut things off completely with Hye Jin. She tells him that he should be with them wholeheartedly, because they’re his real family. But he tells her that the situation now isn’t easy, for there are things he still needs to resolve.

Yeon Hwa and Hye Jin continue to fight over Hyun Chul when Yeon Hwa calls the latter to inform her that she’s picking up her husband’s clothes, to which Hye Jin refuses. She drops the call and rips the signed divorce papers in tears. Ddak Pool then calls both wives, and tells them that Hyun Chul is in trouble at the moment. He informs them that he might get fired from the bank, and if things go worse, he might even land in prison.

The two wives meet up again, and Hye Jin tells Yeon Hwa that she needs to let Hyun Chul go if she wants him to be happy. She says that Hyun Chul is having a hard time, and people will make things more difficult for him if they find out that he has another family. Yeon Hwa angrily snaps at why she has to be the one to make the sacrifice. Hye Jin tells her that in the eyes of the world, it is her who is Hyun Chul’s wife.

miracle we met drama recap

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The Allegation

An article about Shinhwa Bank having a system error gets published in the newspapers, which became an excuse for the loans issued by employees on leave. Hyun Chul calls Detective Park, and tells him that he’s sure it isn’t merely a system error, which the detective agrees with. Hyun Chul also insists that Hyo Joo is definitely a suspect, but she must have been working with someone else who’s trying to cover for her now. Detective Park informs him that they have photos of whom he assumes is Hyo Joo’s accomplice. However, the pictures aren’t clear enough for the police to be able to identify the suspect.

Hyun Chul is called by the disciplinary board to conduct a hearing to investigate Osung Produce’s loan being granted. He denies allegations of him granting the loan, and insists that his signature was forged. The board calls on his employee, Park Jong Won, to testify against him.

After the hearing, Hyun Chul follows Park Jong Won to the hospital, and finds him taking care of his sick wife. Jong Won is shocked to see his boss there, and Hyun Chul merely tells him that he knew he had a reason for doing what he did earlier.

The Revelation

Hyo Joo calls her accomplice and tells him to take care of Hyun Chul quickly. The accomplice, who is then revealed as the head of HR’s Mr. Woo Jang Choon, promises her that he will get rid of Hyun Chul right away.

Meanwhile, Mr. Yook confesses to Hyun Chul that he witnessed Hyo Joo using his computer to do what he assumes to be the approval of Osung Produce’s loan. He apologizes for only saying it now, and says that his conscience has been bothering him for a while. He gives Hyun Chul the permission to reveal this during the hearing despite knowing that he might get in trouble for it, Hyun Chul asks him if he knows who Hyo Joo called to get his password, and Mr. Yook says it was the bank president.

During the hearing, Hyun Chul asks the bank president if he remembers asking him to approve the Osung loan, which he denies. He then asks if he remembers him saying he cannot approve the loan, which the bank president denies again. President Kim also questions Hyun Chul’s memories, and says they aren’t credible as of the moment – to which Hyun Chul agrees with. He reveals that because he also thinks memories aren’t reliable all the time, he had developed a habit of recording important conversations, including that of him telling President Kim that he refuses to approve the loan. The entire board hears it, and Hyun Chul gets angry when the president protests. He yells at him for not only using his power for questionable things, but also framing innocent employees.

Miracle we met drama recap

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The Outcome

Hyun Chul tells President Kim that he will be summoned by the prosecutor’s office the next day, along with the rest of the board for being accomplices to the president’s dirty game. He calls his employees for a meeting, and informs them that the company will take a huge hit once word about President Kim gets out. He tells them to come up with their plans to reach their quotas for the month, and the employees quietly rejoice that the old him is back. When asked about the employee who admitted about being bribed to make a fake report, Hyun Chul withholds the truth, and tells them that the employee is from another branch in order to save a grateful Jong Won from shame.

Mr. Yook confesses to Hyun Chul that he used to hate him, because he believed that he was in the way of his promotion. He expresses his regret for it, and turns in his resignation letter. However, Hyun Chul doesn’t accept it, and tells Mr. Yook to give him another chance to be a person that everyone doesn’t hate. Mr. Yook tells him that he had stopped hating him ever since he had his accident because he seemed like a different person when he came back.

The Decision

Hye Jin falls ill, which prompts Mi Ho to call her dad. Upon hearing the news, Hyun Chul immediately rushes off to go to Hye Jin, but Yeon Hwa stops him. Hyun Chul is determined to go though, and leaves a crying Yeon Hwa in the rain.

miracle we met drama recap

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Hye Jin keeps on seeing hallucinations of Hyun Chul at home, and when she sees him at her bedside, the first thing she asks him is if he’s real. She asks him about his life before, and later tells him that she doesn’t care who he was or what he used to do, because all that matters is the Hyun Chul facing her now.

Kang Ho, who overheard Ji Soo’s phone call with someone she called dad, and was slowly connecting the dots, dashed right away when Mi Ho tells him that Hyun Chul is home. He also confronts Ji Soo at school about the questionable phone call, and she straightforwardly tells him that Hyun Chul is her dad and not his.

The Divinity

Yeon Hwa suddenly hears Ato while waiting at the bus stop, but she gets confused because she doesn’t see anyone around. He follows her to the department store, where she is set to buy clothes for her husband, and she thinks she is losing her mind as she keeps on hearing him. He finally reveals himself to Yeon Hwa, who doubts him at first, and tells her that he’s the guardian angel watching over her family. He also admits that he was the one at fault for all the things happening to them now, and expresses his remorse.

Miracle we met drama recap

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Yeon Hwa tells Hyun Chul that she’s letting him go after she senses how unhappy he was with them. She also tells him that the man she used to love isn’t him anymore because he’s a new person now. He decides to stay with Ddak Pool for the meantime despite Yeon Hwa telling him to go back to Hye Jin.

Hye Jin asks him to get a divorce because she wants to start anew with the Hyun Chul that is with them now. Meanwhile, Kang Ho and Ji Soo go ice skating with Hyun Chul, and Mi Ho begs to come along. Ji Soo gets upset as she sees how Hyun Chul takes care of Mi Ho, who has no idea about the events unfolding regarding her father.

Ato and Mao then come to terms that they can’t return things back to normal, and must accept that these people’s destinies have changed. Mao also tells Ato that he has decided to return already.

The Accomplice

Hyo Joo meets up with Mr. Woo, and she finds out that he plotted to have no evidence pointing back to him, which is why he included her in his scheme. She finds Hyun Chul in her apartment, and he convinces her to turn herself in so she could minimize her sentence. He finds out that his brakes (as Song Hyun Chul A) were also tampered with, which caused his fatal accident. Hyun Chul suddenly gets a vague memory of Mr. Woo mentioning a debt and begging him in the rain.

miracle we met drama recap

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Hyun Chul meets with Mr. Yook, and confirms his suspicion that it was Mr. Woo, who asked him to go through his computer. He informs Detective Park and word gets to Mr. Woo that the authorities are on his tail right away, which frustrates him. Hyun Chul then retrieves his clear memory of the day he found out that it was Mr. Woo, who had been issuing fake loans. He confronts Mr. Woo at his office, and tells him that he remembers everything, especially the fake ID he used to break into the bank’s system, and how he got down on his knees and begged Hyun Chul to look the other way. A warrant is issued for Mr. Woo, and the authorities go on looking for him, closing every way for him to get out of the country. He goes into hiding and buys a gun, plotting his next attempt at getting rid of Hyun Chul.

The Calm

Hye Jin turns in her resignation letter at the department store, and the CEO tells her that he himself is flying back to the US too. Meanwhile, Hyun Chul goes on TV for an interview again, but at the end, he apologizes to the bank’s clients, and announces the system breach that happened in Shinhwa Bank. His employees celebrate at how this effort had saved Shinhwa Bank in spite of the huge controversy.

Thinking that things have calmed down, Hye Jin and Hyun Chul decide to go on a trip together, completely unaware that Mr. Woo is following them. While the couple is talking, Mr. Woo takes his gun and points it at Hyun Chul before firing it.

Miracle we met drama recap

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Did Mr. Woo successfully shoot Hyun Chul? Will the two families ever find their peace? Find out in the next episodes of The Miracle We Met!

The Miracle We Met airs on KBS every Monday and Tuesday.

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