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K-Drama Recap: “The Miracle We Met” Episodes 17 & 18

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Song Hyun Chul’s complicated story came to a wrap in the touching and heartbreaking finale of The Miracle We Met!

After meeting a wonderful miracle in this touching, complicated story of a man’s love for his family, The Miracle We Met breaks our hearts one last time as it reaches its final week. Nothing saddens us more than having to bid goodbye to the two families we’ve grown to love and the two divinities watching over them who have both managed to steal our hearts as well. However, we’re happy that the characters, who’ve suffered so much over the past 18 episodes, finally get a shot at being at peace in this KBS melodrama.

Here’s a rundown of highlights from episodes 17 and 18:

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The Life Saver

Ato, who foresaw the incident, cuts the bullet in half before it even reaches the couple. Hyun Chul then leaves Hye Jin at the beach and chases after Mr. Woo. His escape plan is stopped as the police trail after him and Hyun Chul blocks his way. He is arrested and the couple proceeds on their date as if nothing happened.

Mr. Woo and Hyo Joo both deny the charges against them during interrogation despite the heavy evidence against them. The former is also informed by the investigator that the huge amount of money in his account that he embezzled has suddenly disappeared, which drives him to throw a fit. At the same time, Mr. Ha finds a vault full of money at the bank basement, and the employees are shocked to see it. Shinhwa Bank also successfully recovers from the controversies they are put through, thanks to Hyun Chul’s involvement in uncovering the embezzlement.

miracle we met drama recap

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The Recovery

Ato is sentimental as he reluctantly bids goodbye to Yeon Hwa, who has accepted the fact that her husband is not coming back to her anymore. Instead, she decides to face life headstrong and does her best to do a good job at the insurance company. Ato grants her wish to become her company’s “Insurance Queen” before he leaves to go back to the heaven as his mission on Earth is done.

On the other hand, Ji Soo goes to the bank and asks Hyun Chul to use his old phone in texting her. However, Hyun Chul returns it and tells her that although he remains to be her dad, he can’t bring things back to the way they used to be. Ji Soo angrily storms out and holds a grudge against Hyun Chul. She takes out her anger and makes him feel guilty later when he joins the family for dinner, which causes all the three adults uncomfortable.

She also gets into a fight with Kang Ho about their dads, and they are taken to the police station. Hye Jin goes to pick them up and tells Kang Ho to go home first. She takes Ji Soo to a restaurant, and the latter releases her sentiments to her. Ji Soo leaves hastily and goes home to find Yeon Hwa waiting for her. She argues with her mom, who asks her about the attitude she’s been displaying lately. They immediately make up with each other though, and Yeon Hwa tells Ji Soo about Ato, who has mentioned that he saved Ji Soo from falling from the stairs. Ji Soo is surprised and draws Ato’s face from how she remembers him, to which Yeon Hwa confirms as the person she’s referring to.

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The Accident

Hye Jin makes Hyun Chul understand Ji Soo’s situation, which results the latter go to Ji Soo’s school. He offers to pack her lunch for their upcoming school trip and gives her a dress which he wants her to wear for the trip. He heads to the grocery, where he runs into Yeon Hwa and he offers to drive her home. While waiting for Hyun Chul to arrive with his car, a guy bumps into Yeon Hwa, which causes her groceries to spill. She goes to pick them up but is unfortunately hit by a car.

Hyun Chul witnesses the scene before Yeon Hwa is taken in by the ambulance and rushed to the hospital. Ji Soo arrives at the hospital and pushes him away when she spots him, asking angrily why he let her mom get hit. A few moments later, the doctor tells them that Yeon Hwa has passed away, and the two of them grieve separately.

In the heavens, Ato is anguished when he finds out about Yeon Hwa’s death and shows himself to Hyun Chul, who’s been blaming himself for his wife’s death. They seem to have talked, and Hyun Chul walks home to Hye Jin alone, with a somber look on his face as he tells her that he loves her.

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The Repeat

Ato turns back the time and erases every trace of the new Song Hyun Chul’s life. He makes it like the two never had an accident by starting on the day that the cook Hyun Chul tried to take out a loan at Shinhwa Bank. Instead of getting mad and sending him out, the banker Hyun Chul goes to look into the loan’s case right away.

The banker Hyun Chul keeps getting vivid recollections of his accident and some happenings after that, and he finds the journal he always writes in. He scans through it and sees the entries of Hyun Chul after the accident, which indicates a timeline of all the events that unfolded then, including important details about the scam that Mr. Woo and Hyo Joo tried to pull. He goes to Detective Park and advises him ahead to look out for Jang Gi Chul, then tells the cook Hyun Chul to not drive his car for the day. Detective Park follows Hyun Chul’s leads despite being skeptical about it at first, and he ends up arresting Jang Gi Chul before he could mess with anyone’s car.

miracle we met finale

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Mao shows up again and congratulates Ato for the higher-ups granting his request to turn back time. He reveals that it was all Hyun Chul’s choice and as a gift to him, he left the banker Hyun Chul with all the memories that the post-accident Hyun Chul had made then. Mao asks him if things would’ve been different if they had decided to turn back the time at the very start, and Ato tells him that Hyun Chul would still have died and the problems would have remained.

The End

The cook Hyun Chul gets to keep his happy family life with Yeon Hwa and Ji Soo. With the help of the banker Hyun Chul, they are able to successfully buy Manhojang and claim it as their own.

Meanwhile, the banker Hyun Chul goes forth to fix his relationship with Hye Jin and his children, with the help of his memories of the post-accident Hyun Chul. At first, they are all shaken at Hyun Chul’s strange new behavior, but soon enough, Hye Jin agrees to start anew. At the end, Hyun Chul looks up at the sky and says his thanks for the miracle that was given to him, adding that he’ll live well and go back after that.

In the end, everyone gets the happy endings that they deserved, all thanks to the miracles they’ve met along the way.

miracle we met recap

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