This Fan Didn’t Suicide Because She Realised ZE:A Hadn’t Won A No.1 Yet

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Talk about a story with a good ending!

One fan has told MBC Star Gazing that she put away her suicidal thoughts after realising that ZE:A hadn’t won a number one song yet.

She said she worked many part-time jobs to pay for her education and to support ZE:A in their activities.

“I grew very introverted and it was very hard for me to make friends, but then one day, I saw ZE:A on TV and fell in love,”

“I started doing fan activities, and because I had something to smile about, my personality got brighter and I made a lot of friends.”

The loyal fan told the MC that she worked hard to promote her favourite group ZE:A, after she had no one to turn to when her parents divorced.


She also said that she once had a bad relationship with her mother, which led her to having suicidal thoughts.

“After we had a huge fight, I had some extremely bad thoughts, but then I realised I had ZE:A and I still haven’t seen them getting a number one! It would have been so unfair!”

Some members were present at the recording and got to meet their dedicated fan.

ZE:A member Hyung Sik said to the fan: “It’s a good thing we didn’t get number one.”

Kwang Hee then added, “We had such a hard time trying not to get number one. We told all the broadcast stations that we didn’t want a number one!” 

Kwang Hee then asked the fan for approval whether they could have a number one song now, and she said “Of course!”

She revealed that she no longer had thoughts of self-harm.

ZE:A’s EP Illusion peaked at number six on the Gaon album chart last year.

Photo Credit: MBC

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