“Train To Busan” Follow-up Film “Peninsula” Reveals First Posters

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Set in the same universe, the posters offer a glimpse of the situation four years after the first movie.

Peninsula is the sequel to the globally successful 2016 zombie apocalypse film Train to Busan. On February 28, the production simultaneously launched two movie posters (in both Korean and global versions) which confirmed the film’s upcoming release.

Yeon Sang Ho, who spearheaded the first film, is back again as the director. Kang Dong Won and Lee Jung Hyun are set to star in the highly-anticipated film. Joining them are actors Kwon Hae Yo, Kim Min Jae, Go Kyo Hwan, Kim Doo Yoon, Lee Re, and Lee Ye Won.

The posters show two different time settings – day and night – but with the same bleak and post-apocalyptic atmosphere. Overrun by the living dead or zombies, the non-infected humans in the Korean Peninsula struggled for survival.


In the night poster, a silhouette of a man can be seen walking through an abandoned port littered with zombies. Meanwhile, the day poster shows Jung Seok (Kang Dong Won) and Min Jung (Lee Jung Hyun) behind a vehicle. Both are armed while anticipating the charging horde of the undead.


In addition to the posters, Peninsula also opened a global sns account to share news and further communicate with fans around the world who are now waiting for the film’s showing.

Though there is still no final word with regard to the movie’s exact release date, Peninsula is slated to have a summer release.

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