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tvN’s variety program ‘The Romantic & Idol’ cast idols; will they fall in love with each other?

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Earlier this year, tvN released a love variety program, The Romantic, which was filmed in Croatia. The program focuses on individuals who will try to find the love of their lives.

On November 11, the drama-variety program will be back. This time, it will feature Korean idols dreaming of a youthful romance. 2PM‘s JunK, MBLAQ‘s Mir, ZE:A‘s Hyungsik, JJ Project‘s JB, 4Minute‘s Nam JiHyun, Rainbow‘s Oh Seungah, AOA‘s Hyejung and Fiestar‘s Jei will be heading to the beautiful island of Jeju to bring out the hidden love story with The Romantic & Idol.

Because of the idols’ young age and possible restrictions in being in a relationship when they debuted, people are curious as to whether they can portray the love story and if they are going to take it seriously. Lee Myung Han, previous PD of 1 Night 2 Days and Qualifications of Men, shares that he believes the idols will be able to portray the inner meaning that he wants to be shown. According to the people behind the show, there were also members who might have had feelings for each other as they were not reached by their managers and coordinators for 4 days and 3 nights. Surprisingly, they were able to show their inner selves better than what they expected.

When asked on which member was the most honest, Myung Han shared that it was Mir of MBLAQ. He adds, “Mir is a person who has a lot of emotions. He honestly and boldly presented his inner feelings. He’s very clear on whether he likes or he does not like. The most interesting was JJ Project’s JB. He is very attractive as a guy. Even though he is young, his actions were very manly. It was kind of the opposite from what I expected so I was surprised.”

Currently, the show has filmed 2 sets and one member has already said, I was really about to fall in love”

Are you curious on how their love story will unfold? Will you be watching the show?

Source: News and Image – enews24; Translation – [email protected]

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