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Go Soo & Eom Ki Joon Express Confidence On “Heart Surgeons”

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Powerhouse actors Go Soo and Eom Ki Joon are confident that their new drama Heart Surgeons will captivate the viewers!

Set for broadcast on September 27, SBS new medical drama Two Lives One Heart cast and production team attended the drama presentation in Seoul today.

Seo Ji Hye and Kim Ye Won joined premiere male leads Go Soo and Eom Ki Joon, and shared their thoughts about the much-awaited medical series, which is backed by last year’s winning show-runners behind Defendant.

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Heart Surgeons draws the story of a desperate thoracic surgeon, who is caught in a dilemma of his mission as a doctor and his responsibility as a filial son.

PD Jo Young Kwang revealed that the story spins in the sad pretext of how painful it is to lose a loved one. With thoracic surgeons on board as the main cast, the plot aims to delve on the emotional wounds of a doctor’s sense of duty and individual stories.

Go Soo (Flower in Prison) makes his small screen comeback as the focal character of an anguished surgeon torn in the middle of his duty as a doctor and his fear of losing a family member.

He expressed excitement on his first medical drama – which he vowed to be a character who will draw sympathy and interest from the viewers.

Two Lives One Heart

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Praised for giving his best at every role he takes, Eom Ki Joon will give life to his latest role as the best surgeon in the hospital, yet not fully receiving the respect owing to him coming from a provincial medical school.

Like Go, he is impressed with the inventive script, and looks forward to not playing a bad villain this time.

The cast of Heart Surgeons seems to feel a sense of duty as if they are real doctors. They hope for a warm story that will be conveyed through the drama.

Heart Surgeons is scheduled to air for the first time at 10 p.m. on September 27.

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