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Uhm Jung Hwa and Kim Hyo Jin in seductive stills for upcoming film

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New stills featuring actresses Kim Hyo Jin and Uhm Jung Hwa for their upcoming film In My End is My Beginning have recently been released.

Released on March 28, one of the stills shows Uhm Jung Hwa in a bathtub, while another shows Kim Hyo Jin smiling and showing quite a lot of skin. The still that has been garnering the most interest features a seemingly naked Kim Hyo Jin holding Uhm Jung Hwa from the back.

In the film In My End is My Beginning  Uhm Jung Hwa plays Jung Ha, and actor Hwang Jung Min plays Jae In. Jung Ha is a woman who craves a normal relationship while Jae In wants to break away from his ordinary life. Kim Hyo Jin plays Naru, a character who shows her thirst for love between the two. A kiss scene and a bed scene will take part between Uhm Jung Hwa and Kim Hyo Jin, and many are excited to see how their lesbian relationship will be portrayed on the silver screen.

Sources: (News & Photo) – enews24

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