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KBS 2TV to air Uncontrollably Fond special edition

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Uncontrollably Fond special edition under way!

KBS 2 TV is set to air a 130-minute special edition of Uncontrollably Fond starring actor Kim Woo Bin and miss A‘s Suzy.

According to the drama’s production firm, Samhwa Networks, “With the special edition, viewers will completely understand the story flow of the series.”

In contrast to the flow followed by the first four episodes, the special edition will follow the chronological order of time. The special edition will begin from the high school days of Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) and No Eul (Suzy) in 2006 and end with their meeting again as adults.

From the first episode to the the most recent one, the story line of Uncontrollably Fond moved between the past and present. The drama kicked off its first episode in the present day and brought viewers back to the main characters’ high school days in its second episode. The third episode revolved around their breakup, and its fourth episode returned to present time.

The special edition of Uncontrollably Fond will broadcast on 17 July on KBS 2TV at noon.

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