SBS Releases “Vagabond” Teaser Showing Robust And Manly Side Of Lee Seung Gi

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Triple Threat entertainer Lee Seung Gi is not going to hold back any longer.

Gearing up the momentum, SBS released new stills of Lee Seung Gi portraying his role as Cha Dal Gun in upcoming series Vagabond. Director Yu In Sik, known as the “Midas Director”, will helm the drama. Jang Young Cheol and Jung Kyung Soon are behind penning the script.

Lee Seung Gi


In the drama, Dal Gun works as a stuntman who has the ambitions of becoming a world-famous action star. Dal Gun idolizes Chinese actor Jackie Chan and longs to be as famous as he is. Dal Gun is a master of 18 different kinds of martial arts, including Taekwondo, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, and Kendo, to name a few.

Miraculously, he survives a plane crash. However, he gets entangled in the mystery behind the accident. He inadvertently uncovers a conspiracy about the crash that will lead him to discover a huge national corruption.

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Early on during filming, Lee earned praises for his intense portrayal of Dal Gun. His ability to live and breathe his roles translates well in all his dramas, and Vagabond should be no exception.

The actor’s positive energy delights the staff as they waited for filming. But, there’s an immediate change in the actor once cameras started rolling. Lee impresses the staff further when he perfectly captured the complex emotions that his scenes required. His expressions and even his eyes keenly reflect the turmoil his character faces.


Image Credit: Netflix

The scenes of Lee’s recent photos was shot in a hotel in Seoul. The actor, clad in a black sleeveless shirt reveals his muscular arms. A tattoo on his arm immediately calls attention as well.

Lee has a serious look on his face with wounds all over his body as he clutches a towel in his hand. Numerous liquor bottles are on the counter behind him.

Lee said, “I was immediately attracted to the drama as soon as I read its first scenes. My role in the drama is very different from other characters I’ve had. It’s a lot of pressure and responsibility on my part, but I am challenged by the work. I feel the weight that the drama carries, and I also want to give a great story to fans who have been waiting for this drama for a long time.”

Celltrion Entertainment, the producer of Vagabond, also said, “Lee Seung Gi is a man with passion and an immense sense of responsibility. He is capable of 180-degree changes in acting, which sets him apart from his other contemporaries. We hope that fans can look forward to the transformation of Lee Seung Gi as an actor in this drama.”

Additionally, SBS also released a teaser poster for the drama. The intensity of the poster depicts the explosiveness the drama promises to bring. A huge plane, which appears to be in the middle of the air, flies straight down, with flames all over it, giving off a sense of panic.



Vagabond is one of the most anticipated dramas of 2019 and will air both on SBS and Netflix on September 20.

Source: Sports DongA XSports News

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