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7 Adorable Highlights In “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” Episodes 3 & 4

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Office rom-com What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim continues its adorable streak onto its second week!

Cable network tvN’s latest romantic comedy, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, notched impressive nationwide viewership ratings of 6.9% and 6.3% for its 3rd and 4th episode topping the pay TV platforms for its time slot.

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What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?

The story of a pompous businessman who is too proud to label his separation anxiety to his efficient secretary of 9 years as a full blown romance delights its followers with how the lead couple commits to ensure that their fictional love journey will make the audience smile.

The supporting characters have graced their presence on the second week including 2PM’s Hwang Chansung as a workaholic employee who is popular to the ladies of the company. The back stories of the hero’s estranged relationship with his brother and his phobia were also introduced.

We grabbed and collectively framed this week’s highlights, simply because Park Seo Joon’s hilarious narcissism and his heart-fluttering exchange of gazes with Park Min Young were just too cute not to be captured and reminisced.

Here are the seven scenes that brought us to the sweet highs and hitches of episodes 3 and 4 of What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? and you can surely expect more and more in the coming episodes!


1. Vice Chairman Lee’s First Rate Romantic Date

Trust Lee Young Joon (Park Seo Joon) with a flamboyant approach of winning his secretary’s heart to stay by his side. After conspiring with a restaurant for a survey to determine Secretary Kim’s (Park Min Young) ideal date, he puts it into motion with class and shameless self-praise of how amazing his plan is.

Through his friend Chairman Park, Kim Mi So is summoned to a theme park. Upon her arrival, the park is beautifully lighted as her boss makes his grand entrance. But Young Joon’s idea of theme park date seems to be different from Mi So, who loses his soul in the extreme rides they ride.

The quick to uptake chaebol learns how Mi So does not prefer the scream-inducing rides so he lets his girl-to-be take the ride she wants, which turns out to be a merry-go-round. He peers happily at Mi So’s happy face who enjoys the experience. He turns down her offer and cutely jokes that he is satisfied watching her ride it seven times when she coaxes him to try it.

Next up, Young Joon subtly flaunts how he rented the whole restaurant as he carefully cuts the steak and gives it to Mi So, who is perplexed of the strange unselfish actions of her boss. He responds how he wants to properly gift her for all the hard works.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

His words warm Mi So’s heart who shares that it was her dream to ride the merry-go-round when she was young. When she asks him how he was like when he was young, he resumes to his self-absorbed nature and boasts how he was like when he was nine.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

Wait there’s more! Because our chaebol lead man does not know what to do with his money, he caps off the date night with an exclusive ship cruise. But the cold air seeps to their skin so Mi So retrieves the scarf in her bag. Her boss declines the pink scarf thinking it is meant for him, so she clarifies that she will use it and quips how the situation should have had him offer his coat at the very least. But of course, her boss has a rebuttal to almost everything that does not favor him. *chuckles

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

Young Joon strikes another see-how-I-am-boyfriend-material declaration by staging another sweet event of fireworks display which awes Secretary Kim. He makes use of her earlier lecture by enclosing her with his coat inducing a much-needed heart-fluttering moment.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

On their way home, Mi So realizes that the night perfectly matches what she answered in the restaurant survey. She quickly figures out that Young Joon might also have prepared a stuffed toy for her. She accepts the gifts and moves to go to her place but Young Joon mentions the last wish she wrote down. Mi So panics as her boss inches closer to give her a kiss.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

2. The Curse of the Blockbuster Date

Secretary Kim retrieves a necklace in Young Joon’s stuffed toy gift so she inquires about it the next day. Her boss confirms that it is part of his farewell gift so she cheerfully wears it while Young Joon also beams staring at her happy face. After work, Mi So goes for her first blind date with a local geeky news reporter (cameo by Park Byung Eun). He takes her out to a crowded Japanese restaurant and a coffee shop.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

Meanwhile, Young Joon learns through Director Park about Mi So’s date and pretends he is okay with it. He confidently assumes how his flashy and romantic date with her is hard to beat. True to his words, Mi So keeps comparing the news reporter to Young Joon. The boss who is “not anxious” about his girlfriday’s date finds himself heading to the coffee street where she is spotted with her date, and burst to repressed fury when he sees his secretary trying to fix her date’s neck tie.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

Mi So takes Young Joon’s disappointment as her lack of sensitivity to be chasing romance when they have a big event tomorrow.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

3. Young Joon’s Phobia and Jealousy

Young Joon briefs his assistants to put on their best for the company’s athletic meet. Just as the ladies are about to go to the gym, their boss cries for Mi So’s help. Mi So quickly cuts and hides the cable ties which are put by the trainee assistant as Young Joon clutches his head in fear. She gives him a calming tea and apologizes for what has happened.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

Young Joon grins at Mi So’s celebratory dance after winning a race, but frowns when he spots Go Gwi Nam (Chansung) talking to Mi So. His frown escalates to glare when the three-legged race proceeds as Mi So and Gwi Nam pair up for the contest and eventually winning it. On a sour mood, because of the chant for the winners to date, he slips and hurts his ankle.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

4. Almost kiss

Mi So accompanies Young Joon in his place as the latter refuses to get treatment from the hospital. Remembering her skinship at the company event, he whines about her behavior. Mi So reminds him that it was his command to win and how getting physically close to a man is nothing. He moves closer to her, but she shrugs how it does not affect her. So then he pulls her on top of him in a heart-stopping moment, which possibly makes all the girls watching clutch their pillows feeling giddyish at the scene.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

5. The Estranged Brothers

Popular novelist Morpheus (Lee Tae Hwan) returns to Korea due to his upcoming novel release and meets his brother Young Joon who is expressionless with his visit. Mi So contemplates on the connection of Young Joon’s ankle scar to his cable-tie phobia. The next day, Morpheus drops by at his brother’s office so Young Joon sends out his secretary for her not to meet him. But they still bump with each other and remembers how they met the night before.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

6. The Excuse To Hold Mi So’s Hand

Young Joon visits the company’s newest project to personally check on the details for its upcoming launch, but the faulty electric connection trap him and Mi So in the library where he gets frightened by her accidental prank.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

She breaks the awkward waiting moment by finding a book to read. When she fumbles on turning the book’s pages because of her phone, Young Joon uncharacteristically helps out as she chirpily reads. Young Joon melts at the sight of her pretty face, but his ego still won’t allow him to become more human by submitting to his emotions. When Mi So tries to guide him to exit the place, he takes charge and holds his secretary’s hand.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

7. Young Joon’s Calming Pill

Young Joon forcedly attends their family dinner, but he and his brother end up brawling hinting an excess baggage from the past that has not been resolved. He seeks Mi So’s comfort after receiving a punch from his hyung Sung Yeon.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

Mi So tends to his wound and prepares some noodles to eat, but then she remembers her undergarments that are hiding beneath the stuffed toy Young Joon gave her, so she rushes to prevent him from seeing it. But she is too late and she ends up landing on top of her boss’ body again in another charged moment. She attempts to escape the situation, but he traps her with his arm – with a love declaration.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

The sparks pour in generously between the lead couple who has made us sigh sweetly with their necktie fixing scenes. Will Young Joon be going to follow up with another negating comment after his sweet declaration? Let’s hope that he does not.

As the clever heroine begins to realize that her subsconscious thoughts tend to point towards Young Joon’s direction, will she be able to stumble to the possibility on they are both actually inside an overlooked love wavelength awaiting to be mutually affirmed?

Don’t miss the endearing story of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim on tvN and tvNAsia every week.

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What's Wrong With Secretary KimWhat's Wrong With Secretary KimWhat's Wrong With Secretary Kim


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