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“What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” With Park Seo Joon & Park Min Young Premieres On A High Note

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Workplace romance What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim kicked off to a great start topping pay TV platforms on its first week!

The boss-secretary rom-com powered by Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young captured the viewers’ attentions with its candid humor and love plot about a pompous boss who faces an unexpected duress when his efficient secretary of 9 years decides to leave her post.

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The webtoon based drama is tvN’s latest 24-hour express drama, available in Singapore and Malaysia every Thursday and Friday.

The pilot episode of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim recorded an average nationwide viewership of 5.4% peaking at 6.5% topping all pay TV and IPTV platforms in South Korea during its time slot.

Available within 24-hour from Korea’s regular broadcast through tvN for Singapore and Malaysia viewers, both episodes generated impeccable responses for its target audience of ages 20-49.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

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The opening week sprinted an impressive hook to the audience with the entrance of debonair, almost perfect yet narcissistic Lee Young-joon. His competent secretary, Kim Mi-so, always caters to his needs, by assisting him on his business dealings from blocking phone calls, attending social events and more. What seemingly a normal office boss-secretary relationship, comes to an abrupt stop when Mi-so decides to quit her job to pursue her own life. With the impending separation with his secretary, Young-joon feels miserable, that even tying his own tie reminds him of the first time Mi-so tied one for him.

Being self-absorbed as he is, Young-joon proposes marriage as a bait to make her stay when he heard from Mi-so how she wants a normal married life. He gets an outright rejection so he works on winning her heart based on a survey he conducted of her ideal romance.

Check out the adorable pretending-not-to-be-jealous moment of Vice Chairman Lee as he tails on the blind date of his secretary for this week’s chapter.

Consider you are also forewarned on how melting the loving gazes of Park Seo Joon can be as he is expected to throw in for the second week of the series.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim airs on tvN in Singapore and Malaysia every Thursday and Friday at 9:45 pm. Catch it on Singtel TV Ch. 518 / 619 or StarHub TV Ch. 824 or on-demand via Singtel TV GO or StarHub GO in Singapore; and on Astro Ch. 395 or unifi tv Ch. 211 or on-demand via Astro GO or unifi play tv in Malaysia with subtitles in English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia.

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