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Yoo Seung Ho’s Favorite Apink Member Revealed

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Actor Park Sung Woong recently appeared as a guest on the February 12 broadcast of SBS’s Good Morning, where he disclosed that Oh Ha Young is the member Yoo Seung Ho likes most in girl group Apink.


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According to Park, the co-star with Yoo in the SBS drama series Remember, his fellow actor often confuses the name of a character called Song Ha Young with the name of Apink member Oh Ha Young.

The celebrity added: “At first, I asked him if he had a girlfriend by that name and he said no. Later, it turned out that he was crazy about Oh Ha Young of Apink.”

It is reported that Yoo has probably been captivated by the beautiful girls of Apink since the time he was in the army.

Yoo Seung Ho is currently playing the lead role in the drama Remember. He acts as a genius lawyer who determines on protecting his father from false accusation of murder.

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