5 Times Yook Sung Jae Charmed Us With His Acting Skills

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Yook Sung Jae has proven himself, not just as a musician, but also as an actor — and we’ve got proofs for that!

Whether you know him as the hyper and goofy vocalist of South Korean boy group BTOB or the ever-charismatic and endearing actor he definitely is, we are 101 percent sure that Yook Sung Jae had you falling for his charms in one way or another!

The BTOB vocalist definitely has everything you’re looking for: a mellifluous voice, darling personality, handsome face, and admirable acting skills!

He wouldn’t have earned the nickname Yook Jal-Ddo — a shortened way of saying “Yook Sung Jae, the handsome dork” — from his beloved Melodies for nothing.

He is not scared to let that side of him show both off-screen and on-screen. Need we convince you?

Take a look at the five times Yook Sung Jae charmed us with his acting skills.

1. Reply 1994 – Sung Joon

yook sungjae reply 1994 sung joon

Screengrab from tvN

Sung Jae took on the role of Sung Joon, the son of the baseball team’s coach Sung Dong Il (played by Sung Dong Il), in one of the installments of the popular Reply series.

He shared the screen with huge names in the TV industry like Go Ara, Yoo Yeon Seok, Jung Woo, Kim Sung Kyun, Son Ho Jun, and Baro among others in this very relatable story about one’s teenage years.

The BTOB vocalist’s appearance in Reply 1994 as Go Ara’s dongsaeng was one of his first performances which kicked off our love for him as an actor.

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2. Plus Nine Boys – Kang Min Goo

yook sungjae plus nine boys kang min goo

Screengrab from tvN

According to the common Korean belief, anything that is plus nine means unfortunate — including the ninth year of every decade in a person’s life.

Plus Nine Boys revolved around the stories of four guys who are in these unfortunate stages of their lives.

Sung Jae played the role of the 19-year-old Kang Min Goo. He made a remarkable performance as a hot-tempered judo athlete and high school senior who gives his all to get the gold and reach his dreams.

Unfortunately, he finds himself in an embarrassing situation during one of his matches and must deal with getting himself back together.

Sung Jae left an impressive mark as Min Goo, thanks to his noteworthy performance — and did we mention that this is his first lead role?

Plus, who could ever forget that kiss he shared with Apink’s Chorong in the library? Definitely not us!

3. Who Are You: School 2015 – Gong Tae Kwang

yook sung jae who are you school 2015 gong tae kwang

Don’t even get us started on Sung Jae’s character Gong Tae Kwang. Our hearts will just end up melting like ice cream during summer!

Watching his attempts in winning Kim So Hyun’s character Go Eun Byeol/Lee Eun Bi’s heart had him successful in getting ours as well. And it’s inevitable, we tell you!

It’s quite impossible not to fall for Sung Jae’s Gong Tae Kwang, who, despite his attempts at keeping a cool-guy front, manages to show how much he cares for the people he holds dear.

The adorable, little things he do are parts of the many reasons why he proves to be a tough competition for Nam Joo Hyuk’s character Han Yi An in their love triangle with So Hyun.

It’s astounding how envious we were of a drama character as we watched him mix jjajangmyun, prepare crab meat, and go all the way to protect a secret — all for her! No wonder he won the Best Couple Award with Kim So Hyun in the 2015 KBS Drama Awards for their roles!

4. The Village: Achiara’s Secret – Park Woo Jae

yook sungjae the village achiaras secret park woo jae

Sung Jae took on the role of Park Woo Jae, a police officer in the 2015 thriller drama The Village: Achiara’s Secret.

His character attempted to seek the truth after a new English teacher named So Yoon, played by Moon Geun Young, finds a buried body on her first day at work.

They slowly uncovered the dark secrets of their once small and peaceful village, Achiara, which boasted of their nearly-zero crime rate.

Sung Jae won the New Star Award in the 2015 SBS Drama Awards for his outstanding performance in the drama. With his portrayal of the earnest police officer and truth seeker, we don’t doubt why he got it!

5. Goblin – Yoo Deok Hwa

yook sung jae goblin yoo deok hwa credit card

And of course, who would forget Sung Jae’s iconic character, Yoo Deok Hwa, in one of the most famous Korean dramas of all time?

His crazy antics and deep desire to get nothing but his credit card back had us rolling on the floor in laughter and appreciating every millisecond of his screen time.

Sung Jae became everyone’s favorite as he provided humor all throughout the drama as Gong Yoo’s nephew.

And when his character suddenly did a 180-degree twist and showed a very different side towards the end, got us going “whoaaa”!

He definitely deserved bagging both the Star Award and Best New Actor Award in the 2017 Korea Drama Awards for this role!

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