Zico Shows Class As An All-Rounder Artist In Recent “Knowing Brothers” Guesting

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The impressive artistry of Zico shone brightly in his recent variety show appearance!

Well-loved K-pop soloist Zico recently returned as a special guest on jTBC’s Knowing Brothers and flaunted his admirable performance skills.

In the June 11 episode, the idol mesmerized the variety show cast and his fellow guests namely, Sunmi and Monsta X members Shownu and Joohoney with his class and swag. Hyping up everyone in the set, he treated them with a captivating performance of “Summer Hate”, the title track of his newest mini-album RANDOM BOX.

Additionally, the all-rounder artist also showed his groove by doing the “Any Song” challenge alongside Sunmi.  The two adorably danced the track while presenting a pleasant and refreshing charm.

Delighted about the success of the said track, Zico shared, “I was tired and in a lot of stress in projecting my thoughts into the song. At that time, it was a song that I made freely without any thoughts. I’m happy that it attracted attention.”

Moreover, Zico tore up the Knowing Brothers set as he performed his hit track “Artist” with Monsta X’s Joohoney. The multi-talented rappers partnered to deliver a fun-filled number to remember.

Source: Sports Chosun

Photo Credits: jTBC