[CONCERT RECAP] Escape Into The Dream( )Scape: NCT Dream Enchants Singapore At “The Dream Show 3: Dream( )Scape” With Lotte Duty Free

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Big dreams and big thrills with NCT Dream, from Seoul to Singapore!

The excitement in Singapore reached a fever pitch last weekend as NCT Dream graced the stage at the Singapore Indoor Stadium for two nights of their sold-out and highly anticipated “The Dream Show 3: Dream( )Scape” concert on 29 June 2024 (Saturday) and 30 June 2024 (Sunday). The show marks the group’s second return to the sunny island since their last show “The Dream Show 2: In A Dream” which took place last May 2023. 

The atmosphere was electric with anticipation as SG NCTzens eagerly awaited a spectacular showcase from one of K-Pop’s brightest stars. With NCT Dream’s setlist and stage direction ingeniously designed to reflect the seven sub-themes based off the colours of a rainbow, escape into the dreamscape with us as we bring you through the highlights of what took place on the first night of NCT Dream’s show last Saturday. 

As the lights dimmed, and an enchanting opening VCR set the tone for the evening, the audience found themselves being transported into a vibrant dreamscape. Amidst the thunderous cheers, NCT Dream burst onto the stage with “BOX”, immediately igniting SG NCTzens with the powerful and energetic theme of “In A Lucid DREAM” which was symbolised by the colour Red. The high-energy continued with powerful performances of “119”. “SOS” and “GO”, with each track showcasing the group’s dynamic choreography and electrifying vocals. 

Following this explosive start, the members took a moment for their opening ment, introducing themselves individually and warmly welcoming SG NCTzens to “The Dream Show 3: Dream( )Scape”. Mark expressed how long it had been since their last visit and shared his excitement about the night’s energy, emphasizing his hope for everyone to have fun and stay safe. Jeno echoed these sentiments, noting the palpable excitement from the crowd and predicted a fun-filled night. Jaemin then emphasized the importance of safety whilst having fun, with Haechan specifically highlighting the need for caution in the crowded mosh pit. Chenle, reflecting on his absence the previous year, vowed to work even harder to make up for it. 

With the introductions complete, the group launched into “Poison” and “Drippin”, captivating the audience with their intense performances. A quick VCR and outfit change to a varsity-style ensemble set the stage for the next segment, featuring “Arcade”, “We Go Up” and “Bungee”. The tracks brought back a wave of nostalgia and warmth for long-time fans, keeping their energy high with the theme “Of Past” represented by the colour Orange.

During the second ment session, Mark engaged the crowd in a playful balance game, asking if SG NCTzens preferred NCT Dream at their cutest or sexiest. The question sent the crowd into a screaming frenzy and the overwhelming cheers for the latter led to playful teasing among the members. The members teased Mark to show his sexy side with the Canada-born leader rebutting that Jaemin’s new black hair and Chenle’s freshly dyed green hair, specifically for the Singapore epitomized sexy instead. 

The concert’s tempo shifted to a more sentimental tone as the group performed heartfelt songs like “Walk With You”, “Never Goodbye”, “Breathing” and “Unknown”, resonating with the theme of “The One I DREAM About” which was represented by the colour Green. The heartfelt emotions and sincere connections between the septet and their fans were evident as they showcased their vocal prowess and emotional depth.

Another VCR signaled an outfit change to the segment of food-themed tracks, bringing a playful and fun atmosphere with performances of “Tangerine Love (Favorite)”, “Yogurt Shake”, “Pretzel” and “Candy”. This cheeky and vibrant segment highlighted the theme of “Taste Of Love” embodied by the colour Yellow, bringing a refreshing change of pace, highlighting the group’s ability to blend various themes and styles seamlessly and showing their cute side. 

In the third ment segment, as the members changed their jackets in preparation for the next set, Jaemin cutely requested for an NCTzen wave using their lightsticks. The stadium lit up in a mesmerizing display of green light as the fans enthusiastically participated, with the group praising Singapore for having the most beautiful wave they’ve seen on tour so far. 

This set the stage for an exhilarating sequence of “Dream Run”, “Better Than Gold”, “Fireflies”, “Hello Future” and “Broken Melodies”, symbolising the calm and steady progression in “Move On To The Next Stage” mirrored by the colour Blue. Each song building on the last to create a crescendo of energy and excitement, showcasing the septet’s ability to create a compelling narrative. 

A final VCR provided a brief interlude before leading into the powerful “Skateboard” and “ISTJ”, before wrapping up the show with their latest single “Smoothie”.  This segment embodied the deep and introspective theme of “Feels Like Heaven” represented by the colour Indigo, with the group capturing the theme of enduring and profound connections between each of them and their beloved fans.

Amidst the chants for encore, the screen displayed heartfelt messages from fans, expressing their love for the group and wishing Renjun, who was currently on a hiatus, a speedy recovery with a promise to wait for his return.

The encore was a euphoric celebration with “Blue Wave”, “Dive Into You” and “ANL”, as the stadium shook with excitement with fans singing along passionately, capturing the poignant theme of “Will Stand Like This Forever”, represented by the colour Violet. The ending ment also saw a memorable photo-taking session with SG NCTzens, capturing the night’s iconic moments with the group’s famous “kkyu” gesture. Haechan expressed regret that they couldn’t perform as 7Dream this time but promised that their next visit would be as a complete group. Jeno echoed Haechan’s sentiments, promising to see SG NCTzens again soon at “The Dream Show 4”.  

The night concluded with an emotional rendition of “Like We Just Met”, a perfect ending to the unforgettable concert. 

NCT Dream’s “The Dream Show 3: Dream( )Scape” in Singapore was more than a concert; it was a journey through dreams, memories and the deep connection between the septet and their fans. The group’s ability to create such a unique and immersive dream-like experience left an indelible mark on everyone who was fortunate enough to be in attendance, promising even greater heights for the future and leaving fans eagerly anticipating their next return. 

The 2024 NCT Dream World Tour “The Dream Show 3: Dream( )Scape” in Singapore is brought to the fans by Live Nation Singapore with Lotte Duty Free. 

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Words by Yolande Goh

Image Credits: Live Nation Singapore | SM Entertainment