MONSTA X’s Joohoney Exudes Overflowing Charisma In Recent “Cosmopolitan” Pictorial

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Prepare to be captivated by the charms of MONSTA X’s Joohoney!

Multi-talented idol Joohoney from MONSTA X has recently graced a pictorial with Cosmopolitan.

Just recently, the fashion magazine released a captivating set of photos as well as an interview featuring MONSTA X’s Joohoney.

In the published pictorial, the idol showed his “pictorial artisan” aspect with intense styling that goes well with the background of colorful primary colors, his sensuous poses, and charismatic facial expressions.

In particular, it is said that he exudes overwhelming charisma while staring at the screen with chic eyes, while exuding a reversal charm with rebellious yet cute styling such as stretched hair and a band on the bridge of the nose, as well as charming facial expressions, drawing the exclamation of the staff members.

The MONSTA X member also talked about their recently released 12th mini-album REASON. Joohoney, who participated in the writing and composing of as many as five of the six tracks on the new album, said, “The b-side song ‘Crescendo’ is like a special move for my conversion. In the trendy genre of a drill, it is similar to our country’s geomungo and taepyeongso. It is a song made by mixing traditional instruments.”

Then, he added, “From going on a world tour and meeting a lot of overseas fans, I realized that fans like us to show our original charm as Koreans rather than copying foreign musicians. I think being yourself is the coolest thing.”

In addition, the idol revealed his life motto, “Express without hesitation. If you don’t know, just be wrong. Then learn again.”

More pictorials and interviews with Joohoney’s sincerity can be found in the February issue of Cosmopolitan and on its official website and social media.

Source: iMBC

Photo Credits: Cosmopolitan Korea