SEVENTEEN’s The8 Opens Up About Changes In His Mindset, Fashion, & More

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Get to know more about the thoughts of SEVENTEEN’s The8 through his recent magazine feature!

SEVENTEEN’s The8 has recently graced a pictorial with Allure magazine.

A few days ago, the fashion magazine released captivating photos of the idol as well as the his interview.

Trying out various modish outfits, The8 showed his versatility as he was able to pull off all of them. Known for his sophisticated aura, the SEVENTEEN member also aced the photoshoot with his poses.

In the interview that followed, he opened up about the changes in his mindset, fashion, and more.

“I think a lot has changed. Rather than being stable, I am someone who challenges and encounters new things. Lately, I feel like I’m getting closer and closer to the person I’ve been dreaming of for the past few years,” The8 said.

He also shared that self-satisfaction became more important to him now. He said, “I think I’ve finally found my own style. I was able to tell what I liked and what clothes fit me well and what didn’t. I think it had the same effect on my music and my attitude towards life.”

Moreover, he revealed that he is now seeing the silver lining whenever he fails. He learned more and grew whenever things did not go his way.

The8 likewise shared that meditation and tea ceremonies have helped his mind become stronger.

“I think the power of meditation is really great. Then I started the tea ceremony. It fit me so well. When I drink hot tea, it tastes good, but even the bowl in which the tea is served, the unique calming atmosphere, and the scent all matched my inclinations,” he said.

See more of The8’s photos and know more about his interview through the April issue of Allure Korea.

Source and Photo Credits: Allure Korea