The Class inducts Yoo Ah In

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Fashion brand The Class recently unveiled its spring advertisement campaign featuring the brand’s most recent inducted model, Yoo Ah In, who will be replacing Lee Min Ki.

Yoo exhibits his comical personality through the images by expressing immoderate facial expressions and gestures. He dons clothing pieces with pastel colors and stripes while posing with props including fedora hats, hangers, a large popcorn box, a typewriter and suitcase, movie markers, megaphones, and a camera. The combination of antique-inspired items and pastel clothing pieces produce a vintage concept featuring colors similar to dyed Easter eggs.

Although Yoo is The Class’ newest model, he has no problem taking on Lee Min Ki’s previous role and even incorporates a youthful look to the old-fashion styled clothing pieces. Take a look at The Class’ Spring advertisement campaign images featuring Yoo Ah In below:

Sources: (News & Photos) – Couch Kimchi via The Class


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