10 Korean Actors Who Made Viewers’ Hearts Flutter With Second Lead Syndrome In 2020 Korean Dramas

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2020 Korean dramas have gifted quite a lively batch of characters which induced second lead syndrome.

Definitely a treat for true fans who understand that their hearts have been expandable to accommodate the two-actor structure of K-Dramas in the recent years. While some gifted us some serious heart-flutters in the 2020 Korean dramas they starred in, others endeared with supporting bromance. Here are K-Drama second male leads we’d love to confess “oppa saranghae” this year!

2020 Korean Dramas

Willing to be conned by Kim Jung Hyun

Seung-joon sprinted to our hearts with precision as he thawed Dan’s cold heart. At times, it still hurts to think about how his character concluded in the series. Nevertheless, he’s one K-Drama oppa we would willingly believe, even when he lies. *wink

2020 Korean Dramas Male Second Leads

Having Was it Love trio is every woman’s wish

Noh Ae-jung had a blast with a shower of romance from not one, not two, but four equally lovable men. That is such an inspiring story especially for ladies still waiting to meet the right person for them. Song Jong Ho, Koo Ja Sung and Kim Min Joon represents the qualities every woman looks for in a man – compassionate, reliable and protective. Song Ji Hyo takes the crown for being the luckiest girl in K-Dramaland this season.

2020 korean dramas male second lead

Best of real and imaginary worlds with Woo Do Hwan

Portraying two roles in The King Eternal Monarch, Woo Do Hwan made us feel like a princess all willing to receive his protection as Jo Eun Seop. His sunny character Jo Young in the mean time provide a boyfriend material who will always give us comfort.

the king

Library Dates are best-served with Kim Dong Jun

Probably the most unfortunate second male lead from 2020 Korean dramas this year, CEO On Joon-soo has gifted us a new look to how love triangle should be served. His perfect immersion of his role has powered the remarkably penned love triangle in More Than Friends. Viewers like me couldn’t ask for more on how he confused our hearts big time.

More than friends

Seo Ji Hoon is a sweet guy we would date anytime

You can’t help but melt for Park Do Gyum’s boyish charm. With his unwavering loyalty and dedication, a soft spot inevitably forms for the webtoon writer with the puppy-dog eyes. And when he vows to love you and follow you forever, you’d find it a hard offer to ever want to pass on.

Sign us up to become Ji Soo’s first love

Unrequited love has never been heartfelt the way Seo Hwan did with his brother’s wife. Who wouldn’t want to receive such an endearing romance?

When I Was The Most Beautiful

Bad boy like Kim Bum is very much welcome to wreak havoc in any girl’s heart

Lee Rang can throw tantrums to his heart content and we will perfectly understand him for that. *chuckles As half-blood gumiho holding grudge to his brother Lee Dong Wook, we definitely understand where he is coming. And we have a big heart for him in case he needs some loving.

We’d love to receive comforting love letters from Kim Seon Ho

Who wouldn’t love being with a dimpled charmer and a “good boy” like Han Ji-pyeong. When he’s busy being rich, you can’t help but offer all your investments to him. Ladies would definitely love to be mentored by him, the more skinship, the better. *wink