[CONCERT RECAP] (G)-IDLE Showcases Their Unique Color At First Solo Concert “JUST ME ( )I-DLE” In Singapore

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Congratulations on completing your first world tour, (G)-IDLE! It is SG NEVERLANDs’ honor to spend the last leg of the JUST ME ( )I-DLE tour in Singapore with you!

(G)-IDLE successfully wrapped up their first solo concert in Singapore at The Star Theatre on October 1 (Saturday), as part of their first world tour JUST ME ( )I-DLE, which kicked off in Seoul in June.

Members Soyeon, Minnie, Yuqi, Mieyon and Shuhua showed their charms on stage and performed to their fullest for all SG NEVERLANDs who had been waiting for them eagerly.

Here’s a breakdown of what happened at (G)-IDLE’s JUST ME ( )I-DLE in Singapore last Saturday. 

(G)-IDLE kicked off the concert on a high note and showed their divinely dark side with “Oh My God”, the song which launched them into the mainstream after their successful participation in MNET’s reality survival show Queendom back in 2019. The quintet then continued the first segment of the concert with more of their hit songs such as “Villain Dies”, their debut single “LATATA”, “Blow Your Mind”, “Senorita”, a summery rendition of “DUMDi DUMDi” and “Luv U”. 

The high energy of the (G)-IDLE’s performance was definitely matched by the audience’s energy, with SG NEVERLANDs enthusiastically waving their Neverbongs in the air and belting out the respective fan chants for each of the songs. During the first ment session, the girls greeted SG NEVERLANDs and mentioned that the Singapore show marks the last stop for their JUST ME ( )I-DLE world tour and they are very happy to be able to wrap their first world tour up here. 

After a quick outfit change, (G)-IDLE returned to the stage for the second segment of the concert and switched the mood up with “HANN (Alone In Winter)” and “HANN (Alone)”. Nevertheless, the energy of the crowd still remained high as the quintet continued to show their powerful stage presence with “MOON”, “ALREADY” and “HWAA”. Since Singapore was the very last stop of the tour, (G)-IDLE mentioned that they wanted to show more of themselves to SG NEVERLANDs and hence, surprised the fans by taking song requests that the crowd wanted to hear live but was unfortunately not in the setlist. The talented girls then proceeded to perform a short acapella rendition of the songs requested which included “DAHLIA” from the I Burn album, Miyeon’s solo “Drive”, Yuqi’s solo “Giant” and Soyeon’s solo “BEAM BEAM”. 

Following the impromptu acapella performance, (G)-IDLE showed the crowd that they are queens like a lion with the highly anticipated “LION” stage. They also showed their versatility as true rockstars with the “LIAR” stage.  After a short VCR, the girls then returned to the stage for the fourth and final segment of the concert and hyped the crowd up by inviting them to stand up and dance together with them to “Never Stop Me”, “Uh-Oh”, “My Bag” and “POP/STARS”.

Like all else, all good things must come to an end and with that, (G)-IDLE wrapped up their Singapore stop with their chart-topping and most recent release “TOMBOY”. However, SG NEVERLANDs who could not get enough of the quintet’s charms began chanting for an encore stage. With a promise to return to Singapore again soon with more impressive stages, (G)-IDLE officially ended the night with bonus encore performances of “I’m The Trend” and “Escape”. In the final closing ment, the girls expressed that it was indeed a very special day for them as it was their first-time meeting SG NEVERLANDs face to face. With a heavy heart, the girls bid the fans goodbye with a promise that they will return to Singapore again soon and asked for SG NEVERLANDs to not be sad and to wait for them. They also wished all the fans a safe trip back home. 

With that, the magical night with (G)-IDLE has come to an end and we hope to see the girls back in Singapore again soon! 

(G)-IDLE’s JUST ME ( )I-DLE world tour in Singapore is brought to the fans by Live Nation SG. Team Hellokpop would like to extend gratitude to Live Nation SG for the media invite. 

Event Covered By: Yolande Goh

Image Source: Live Nation SG