#HappyKihyunDay: MONSTA X’s Kihyun AKA The “God of K-Pop”

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From his distinct vocals to his overwhelming stage presence, Monbebes can always count on the young flexer, Yoo Kihyun!

MONSTA X’s Yoo Kiyhun has always stunned the K-Pop industry with his stunning visuals, overwhelming charisma, and adorable charms.

As the “mother of the group,” Kihyun has the vital role of caring for the other members. Like a real eomma, he offers words of comfort, silent support, advice, and words of wisdom, to name a few. In many V Lives, Kihyun can be seen cooking for one or more of his members while they watch, attempt to assist, and eventually get in the way, much to his dismay. We’ve also seen Kihyun clean their dorms and the studio, most notably when he dances with a mop handle in MONSTA X’s self-cam music video for “Tropical Night.”

Aside from the above, Kihyun has also showcased many different skills and talents. To celebrate Yoo Kihyun’s birthday, here is a list proving that he indeed deserves the title “God of K-Pop”!

One Word. Falsetto.

Kihyun has some of the most powerful vocals in K-Pop. His unearthly falsetto has an insane range that allows him to easily hit even the highest of notes. He has showcased his range throughout MONSTA X tracks like “Gasoline,” Mercy,” and “Shine Forever,” as well as his solo tracks “Youth” and “Rain.” He’s even covered a variety of English artists, such as Imagine Dragons’ “Natural,” Christopher’s “Bad,” and 2Chainz’ “You and I.” However, nothing showcases Kihyun’s vocal range and abilities as much as MONSTA X’s “Lost in the Dream.” Fans still ask him to mimic the video below because it is so iconic in how he effortlessly hits those notes.  

Adorkable Personality

From Deskopatch and Cold Sleep: Kiss or Death to Weekly Idol and more, Kihyun has never failed to make fans, hosts, and fellow members laugh with his adorkable personality. As an ENFP personality type, you would assume this extrovert would have zero shame, and he does. However, there are still moments when even he is embarrassed by his occasional cringeworthy antics. Nevertheless, whether he is doing something embarrassing that results in him hiding behind his fellow members or laughing so hard he disappears out of frame on screen, his adorkable personality has won over the hearts of fans across the globe.

Shark Like Stage Presence + Energy

Often associated with the hamster emoji for his fluffy-like personality during interviews and on variety programs, Kihyun is anything but when he steps out on stage. More synonymous with a shark, Kihyun kills every performance with his abundant energy, making it hard for viewers not to give him 100% of their attention. Fan favorite performances include MONSTA X’s “Alligator,” “Gambler,” and “Fantasia” (seen below). Additionally, he has nailed cover performances, including TVXQ’s “Mirotic” and Bassi’s “Myself,” with his members, to name a few. Not to mention Kihyun even performed with multiple broken ribs during their 2019 We Are Here World Tour because he didn’t want to disappoint Monbebe. 

Industry Recognition

It’s hard to ignore MONSTA X. They have tackled more firsts as a group and as individuals in the industry than their peers and continue to wow industry professionals globally. Most notably, Kihyun went viral for his high note during the all-group performance of the 2019 KBS Gayo Daechukjae. In the video below, you can see members of various groups, such as GOT7, BTS, NCT, and more, utterly stunned by Kihyun’s vocal ability and eagerly looking around to find out who it is.

Killer Confidence

When it comes to confidence on stage, Kihyun is second to none. Whether he’s putting his angelic vocals on display, making fans swoon through a series of sultry dance moves, or speaking directly to Monbebe, Kihyun shines brightly on stage. Often referring to himself as a “young flexer,” he isn’t shy to put his skills and abilities on display, capturing the hearts of anyone watching.

Happiest of birthdays to Monbebe’s official Hamsangyi, MONSTA X’s main vocalist, and the “God of K-Pop” himself, Yoo Kihyun, who continuously assures us that he will be there for Monbebes no matter what.

May you and MONSTA X continue to show your love to fans through your music!

Video Credits: Studio Choom, Shownu.98, hypefestival, and Bamgorae.

Image Credit: Starship Entertainment