SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Shows Love For The Jonas Brothers In Recent Instagram Stories

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Woozi x Jonas Brothers, anyone?

SEVENTEEN’s Woozi fanboying over Jonas Brothers was the “interaction” we never thought we needed — until today, April 18, when the singer-songwriter dropped an Instagram update that got us shookt to the core.

The SEVENTEEN member took his Instagram to share his love for the trio made up of Kevin, Jose, and Nick, and for their reunion tracks “Sucker” and “Cool”. He uploaded a photo of the album covers of the songs, giving thumbs up to “Cool” and heart-eyes and crying emoji for “Sucker”. Additionally, he tagged the personal and group Instagram accounts of the Jonas Brothers in the stories.

(Screen capture of Woozi’s Instagram story)

(Screen capture of Woozi’s Instagram story)

Woozi’s Instagram update got Carats double-taking the stories and re-checking if it was indeed his account. There was no indication aside from his “Burning Up” jamming session with fellow member Joshua. The vocal team leader of the boy group never hinted his love for Jonas Brothers.

“Lol. I had to double check to see if it was really user woozi_universefactory,” wrote Twitter user @heywonwoo regarding the Instagram stories. Another Twitter user @softyvernies wrote, “Wozzi is a Jonas Brothers stan. I knew I could trust him.”

For Carats, who, like me, spent their childhood singing on top of their lungs when “S.O.S” comes on or crying because of the beauty of “When You Look Me In The Eyes”, it was moment — an unexpected crossover — so adorable, we smiled ear-to-ear.

And so now, Jonas Brothers. It’s time you return the favor — and probably drop a collaboration soon.

Before SVT x JB collaboration happens: What’s the K-Pop act up to these days?

Woozi, together with other SEVENTEEN members, will continue SEVENTEEN 2018 Japan Tour “Haru” in Chiba on April 19 to 21. The boys will then head to Osaka on April 25 and wrap up their tour there on April 27.

The tour kicked off in Fukuoka on April 2 and 3 where the boy group performed in front of 30,000 fans.