CRAVITY Shares Goals, Aspirations & More In A Special Interview For Their Recent Comeback

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During a special interview, CRAVITY talked about their new album, title song “My Turn”, and message for their fans, Luvitys!

After five months, CRAVITY finally released the last chapter of ‘HIDEOUT’ series — their third mini album CRAVITY Season 3. Hideout: Be Our Voice. Showcasing outstanding performances and reaching new triumphs, they will once again rise to the top as super rookies with a brand new look through this comeback.

CRAVITY Interview

Q. You are releasing the third series of ‘HIDEOUT’ in five months. Is there anything you want to show us through this album?

Serim: I think it’s great to start the new year 2021 with the title song “My Turn”. We will work really hard to make this year ours. Through this album, we’re going to show you more distinctive colors of CRAVITY, so I hope you look forward to it.

Taeyoung: Through this album, we want to make sure that a lot of people will recognize the unique colors of CRAVITY, who has a more mature appearance and performance on stage.

Q. Is there a reason why you chose “My Turn” as the title track, and what is the point of choreography that people should pay attention to?

Allen: “My Turn” is a very energetic song and was chosen as the title track to impart CRAVITY’s determination to run for a bigger dream. The point of choreography that should be observed was shown in the chorus. It is the dance step that turns both arms while leaning down, expressing the movement of starting the engine of a car.

Hyeongjun: I think the song “My Turn” will bring out our individual colors. While preparing for the performance, all the members worked hard with the choreographer to make each of us stand out. The choreography that I want to emphasize is at the end of the third verse, we dance and spin as if we won. The movement is intense and exciting. I’d appreciate it if you could consider that as a point.

Q. This album contains a story about the time when you debuted as CRAVITY until the days you are chasing for your dreams. What is the most unforgettable moment as you look back in the past?

Jungmo: When the members were first decided, I was so moved when I became a member with my friends whom I practiced with. While preparing for this album, I remembered a lot of moments I spent with the members, and I feel grateful right now for being able to make memories together.

Woobin: I was overwhelmed thinking that the moment of our debut and winning our first No. 1 [music show win] were the results of my efforts with the members, and I think that was the most memorable.

Q. Since your debut, you have continuously released an album series for about nine months. We wonder if this work has changed CRAVITY.

Allen: I think we’ve grown more mature through our nine months of experience and I can relate to the fans a lot. In addition, we got to know each other better and become united despite having different minds in fulfilling our dreams and wishes.

Wonjin: As we continue producing our album, we seem to be finding our colors, communicating with our fans a lot, and narrowing the distance of our hearts. Also, the bond between the members and our overall teamwork seems to be strengthened.

Q. We’re talking about existence in this album. When does CRAVITY feel their worth the most?

Minhee: I think I feel my value whenever I sing and perform for our fans. Particularly, the value of CRAVITY’s existence seems to shine even more when fans send an enormous amount of love.

Seongmin: I think I feel the value of my existence the most when I perform on stage. I think it’s up to us to show good songs and performances. That’s why I feel rewarded when I perform on stage that I prepared hard for, and I feel proud whenever I think that I worked hard as a member of CRAVITY. For me, that was the biggest reason why I exist on stage.

Q. Last year, you have captured the public eye through your nickname “Super Rookies.” This year, what modifier do you want to get known for? Also, what do you want to achieve through this album?

Serim: I want to get the modifier ‘Performance’. We’ll make sure to show you the power of CRAVITY when it comes to performing on stage.

Taeyoung: This year, I want to get known as ‘CRAVITY’ who swept the music scene. And I want this album to get a lot of attention from overseas since I want to go and perform abroad.

Q. Is there anything you want to say to your fans?

Serim: Luvitys, let’s spend 2021 happily with CRAVITY. We prepared this album thinking about you, so please show us lots of interest and love. We want to see you in person if the situation gets better soon.

Allen: Thank you for waiting for us Luvitys. Because of your support and love, we were able to work harder in preparing for our comeback. We wanted to meet you all sooner. We will come back with different looks and charms, so please show us a lot of interest.

Jungmo: Thank you and we miss you so much. I hope we can meet soon. I am sure we will meet someday, so let’s cheer up until that day comes.

Woobin: I want to show you our performances soon. We love you always. Always wear mask and take care of your health.

Wonjin: Thank you for supporting us despite the difficult situation. Thank you for giving us so much love.

Minhee: I hope you don’t get sick and please take good care of your health.

Hyeongjun: Like last time, we thought about whether we could pull off the concept well this time, but we worked that hard, so I’d appreciate it if you liked it.

Taeyoung: Thank you so much for waiting for us, Luvitys. We’ve worked really hard for this album, so please show us lots of love. I hope the day comes when we can see you soon.

Seongmin: First of all, thank you for your support and love for CRAVITY. Wherever I am, I always feel reassured having you by our side Luvitys. That’s why I am working really hard and trying my best to be more responsible. Thank you so much, and I hope we can be together for a long time.

PR/Image Source: Starship Entertainment