[Exclusive Interview] (G)I-DLE Talk [I SWAY], Creativity, and What’s Next

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Join me for an exclusive interview where (G)I-DLE opens up about [I SWAY], what’s next, and a message for NEVERLAND.

(G)I-DLE, a five-member girl group under Cube Entertainment, has been a formidable force in the K-pop industry since their debut on May 2, 2018. Comprising MIYEON, SOYEON, MINNIE, YUQI, and SHUHUA, the group quickly made waves with their first mini-album, [I AM], and its title track, “Latata,” penned by their talented leader SOYEON. Known for their distinct sound and bold concepts, (G)I-DLE has consistently pushed boundaries and captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

Their musical journey is marked by numerous achievements, including their first number-one single, “TOMBOY,” from the critically acclaimed full-length album [I NEVER DIE]. The group continued their winning streak with “Nxde,” making history as the only artist to achieve two perfect all-kills in 2022. Their 2023 extended play, [I FEEL], broke records by selling over one million copies in South Korea and two million copies worldwide. With headlining tours like ‘Just Me ( )I-dle World Tour (2022),’ ‘I Am Free-ty World Tour (2023)’, and the upcoming ‘2024 (G)I-DLE WORLD TOUR [iDOL],’ they have solidified their status as global superstars.

In an exclusive interview with Hellokpop, we caught up with the members to discuss their seventh mini-album, [I SWAY]. creative process, experiences on the world stage, and more. Join us as we dive into an exclusive interview with one of K-pop’s most dynamic and innovative girl groups.

Hellokpop: Congratulations on your seventh mini album, [I SWAY]! How does this release represent a new chapter for (G)I-DLE?

SOYEON: Instead of starting on a new chapter, (G)I-DLE is continuing on the same path we have always been on. 

HKP: Are there any specific themes or messages that you wanted to convey through the lyrics and music of [I SWAY]?

YUQI: Rather than conveying a special message, I hope you enjoy the pleasant and refreshing vibes of this song, which is meant to be a summer song with (G)I-DLE’s uniqueness. 


HKP: Please share with us the creative process of the album’s production. Did any of the members contribute to the album production process?

MIYEON: This time, I participated in writing the lyrics for YUQI’s song  ‘Neverland.’ I thought of our fans while writing the lyrics so I would be happy if our NEVERLAND enjoyed it. 

MINNIE: I participated in writing and composing ‘Bloom’ for this album. Please show lots of love for this song along with the title track! 

HKP: What is the concept and message behind the title track, and how does the tone for the rest of the album?

SOYEON: There are no hidden messages or concepts; I hope our fans can listen to it naturally and lightly, similar to how you would read a novel. 

HKP: Can you share any behind-the-scenes anecdotes or memorable moments from the filming of the music video for the title track?

MINNIE: We spent three days in Thailand filming the music video, shooting in different cities each day. I hope the music video helps you to experience the beauty of Thailand. 

SHUHUA: During the music video filming, there were many episodes, but I especially recall that SOYEON drove for part of the scene. It was incredibly exciting to watch SOYEON drive because we didn’t get the chance to see her drive very frequently. 


HKP: Looking back on the completion of [I SWAY], what are you most proud of as a group?

SOYEON: In every way, I’m always proud to be a member of this amazing group, (G)I-DLE. 

YUQI: I’m very proud of the harmony we create with our vocals and talents.  Being around the members now fills everything up and relieves the burden of loneliness that I had during my prior solo album promotions. 

HKP: We understand your 2024 (G)I-DLE WORLD TOUR [iDOL] starts soon.  What excites you most about looking back on tour?

SHUHUA: Meeting NEVERLAND in many different countries during our previous world tour brought me so much happiness and positive energy. That’s why I’m really looking forward to the 2024 world tour and can’t wait to see you all again soon. 

MIYEON: The most thrilling part of our previous tour was visiting many cities and meeting the NEVERLAND, which we don’t often get to see. This gave me a lot of energy. I was genuinely thrilled with the whole tour, and I will never forget the memories I have of every location. 


HKP: What are you most excited about for the [iDOL] world tour, and is there a particular city or venue you’re looking forward to performing in?

MINNIE: It’s already our third world tour, and the venues have gotten bigger,  so I’m looking forward to performing in front of more NEVERLAND and showing various sides of ourselves. Personally, I’m especially excited about visiting and performing in my hometown, Bangkok! 

SOYEON: I’m excited about the world tour and grateful for the opportunity to perform on a larger stage with larger audiences. Additionally, I have never been to Australia, so I’m looking forward to visiting and meeting the Australian  NEVERLAND for the first time and performing there. 

HKP: Do you have any pre-show rituals before you step onstage?

YUQI: I always go to the bathroom before I go on stage.


HKP: When not making music or touring, what do you find yourself doing for fun or to relax?

MINNIE: I spend my free time sleeping a lot at home, ordering delicious food, and watching Netflix. 

YUQI: I enjoy taking trips with my parents every chance I have. I also like traveling to other countries for relaxation. 

HKP: Lastly, please leave a message for fans around the world.

SOYEON: Thank you to all the NEVERLAND around the world for always supporting us from afar. While we may not be able to visit every place on tour,  we’ll always try to get closer to NEVERLAND. Thank you. 

SHUHUA: NEVERLAND! I sincerely appreciate your endless love and support.  To return your love, I want to put in more effort and show amazing work. I love you all so much and am so grateful that NEVERLAND is a part of my life!


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