Meet The Quirky Main Cast of “Crisis X”

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Crisis X is a pragmatic and chaotic comedy in which Mr. A (Kwon Sang Woo) endures the reality of his failing life.

Wavve’s original comedy-drama Crisis X has finally completed its casting lineup. It is based on an original essay loved by readers for its realistic nudge, Director Kim Jung Hoon (Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure) and writer Kwak Kyung Yoon (Love Revolution, SNL series) join forces as the creative team.

Although he was proud of his successful life, the second act of Mr. A’s life was hit by a stock crash, a house price surge, being urged to resign, and having to live a downtrend life. He then faces the reality of his life and opts to reboot his life.

In the drama, Im Se Mi portrays the wife of Mr. A. Giving tantamount encouragement to her husband who struggles with his reality, she is infinitely kind to him despite sometimes being overwhelmed with her temperament.

Meanwhile, Sung Dong Il portrays the role of a neighborhood doctor who appears tired and indifferent to everything. Although he quarrels with his patients, he is more compassionate than anyone else.

He always confuses Mr. A with his harsh words, but he sparingly gives profound pieces of advice that touch the heart as a doctor and senior in life.

X of Crisis features a car detailing startup named Lucido that will challenge Mr. A.

In the released stills of the unusual startup business, Shin Hyun Soo, Park Jin Joo, Ryu Yeon Seok, and Lee Yi Kyung, who will show comic synergy with Kwon Sang Woo, raise expectations.

Kwon Sang Woo also relays how the filming site for the Lucido Family has always been fun. The synergy of actors strong in comedy was great.

Meet the lively characters of Crisis X when the series premieres on September 2!

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