“My Dearest” Part 2 Returns With More Poignant Romance

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Namgoong Min and Ahn Eun Jin reprise their characters with an even more heartbreaking love in My Dearest Part 2.

MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama returns with Part 2 on October 13 at 9:50 PM. My Dearest recorded the highest viewership rating of 12.2% (Nielsen Korea nationwide) when Part 1 aired, becoming the No. 1 Friday-Saturday drama on all channels. In addition, it boasted overwhelming popularity by beating its competitors by overwhelming numbers in various topicality indices.

The success of the series can be attributed to countless factors such as a solid narrative, powerful storytelling, elegant and idyllic dialogues, dazzling visuals that capture beautiful places all over the country, delicate yet powerful directing, and the actors’ heart-wrenching performances.

On the 29th, the pre-release video for My Dearest Part 2 was released. It captures attention as it shows Lee Jang-hyun (Namgoong Min) and Yoo Gil-chae (Ahn Eun Jin) facing each other with even more affection and sorrow.

In the pre-released video, Lee Jang-hyun drinks alone under the bright moon late at night. Next, he headed somewhere with a lonely face. Beyond the door where he arrived was Yu Gil-chae, looking haggard. Gil-chae, who was trying to get out while holding the door handle, said, “Isn’t it strange? On days like this when the moon is bright, I am with you.”

He responds, “I’m not sure where it went wrong. Should I have not gone to Namhansanseong Fortress and left you behind at that time, or should I have not come to Shenyang and left you behind? Or when you abandoned me?

You can feel Jang-hyun’s sadness, which is stained with heartbreaking regret and his love for Gil-chae that he cannot let go of. Gil-chae, who cannot bear to leave Jang-hyun, sheds tears endlessly without being able to open her door. The deep love between two people who cannot be reached is conveyed.

Although the pre-release video for My Dearest Part 2 is a short video, it delicately and dramatically captures the sorrowful emotions of the lead pairing. They expressed the sad fate and undying love of the main characters in an impactful way with more detailed and in-depth performances than in Part 1.

In addition, curious questions are raised about how they had a sad breakup at the end of Part 1 and then met again.

My Dearest Part 2 will broadcast on October 13 at 9:50 PM.

Source: JTBC News