HEIZE Heightens Emotions With Live Clips From 2nd Album “UNDO”

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“Goddess of Rain” HEIZE maximizes emotions during rainy season with abundant content from her 2nd full-length album

Heize sequentially released live clip videos of “Sad Ending (feat. George),” “I Don’t Lie (feat. Giriboy),” and “Distance (feat. I.M. of Monsta X)” on her official YouTube channel for three days on July 6 to 8.


Following the title song “Undo” on July 2, Heize released live clips videos of three more tracks and started providing richer content.

In particular, George, Giriboy, and Monsta X’s I.M. were featured on the live clip videos and sang with Heize, revealing special chemistry visually.

어쩌면 우리 (SAD ENDING) feat. George

Heize and George in the live clip of “Sad Ending” expressed mixed love stories in different spaces. The emotional eyes of the two evoke the sympathy of more people.

I DON’T LIE feat. Giriboy

In the live clip of “I Don’t Lie,” Heize and Giriboy sat at the end of the empty pool singing lies that they didn’t love. The chemistry difference between the two is eye-catching. Heize continued to sing while walking in the rain and showed the presence of being “Goddess of Rain.”

거리마다 (DISTANCE) feat. I.M. of Monsta X

Regarding “Distance,” Heize previously introduced,

“My expression is so slow, I realize that by the time my sincerity arrives, all my heart and time have disappeared and I regret it later.”

In this live clip, Heize and I.M. captured the attention by using red lights to create a hip atmosphere.

Heize’s 2nd full-length album UNDO, released on June 30, is cruising on the music charts as all 10 songs, including the title song “Undo,” have received favorable reviews from listeners.

Heize is continuing its activities by presenting various stages, including “Undo” on different festival stages.

Heize 2nd full-length album UNDO out now on all music platforms.

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