HYBE Begins Countdown To New Girl Group Debut

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Promotions begin for HYBE’s first girl group project featuring IZ*ONE’s former members Sakura and Chaewon.

Anticipation surrounding HYBE’s first girl group project continues to build as the company launched an official countdown, marking the start of the forthcoming group’s promotions. The counter, posted on the website of HYBE’s sub-label Source Music, caught attention alongside the bolded expression, “I’M FEARLESS”.


The countdown officially started as of midnight on the 25. The counter will suspend at midnight on the 28, running for a span of 72 hours cumulatively.

HYBE’s first girl group caught attention by media and fans following Source Music’s announcement regarding an exclusive contract signed with two beloved idols. Miyawaki Sakura and Kim Chaewon, of the famed girl group IZ*ONE, are set to re-debut in HYBE’s upcoming group.

Reports of the exclusive contract were covered widely domestically. However, the news also circulated in Japan by major media outlets, illustrating the immense speculation and interest of the public.

Fans’ theorizing now reaches greater heights as the first official content for the new group is the mysterious countdown. Moreover, many are curious regarding the phrase, “I’M FEARLESS”, as well as what content will release following the countdown’s conclusion.

As this is the first girl group project to emerge from HYBE, fans are eager to see what concept and sound the group will debut with. Meanwhile, the members are amidst preparations to debut in May with further promotions to follow as the date for their debut nears.

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Image Source: Source Music