NewJeans’ Haerin Selected As Dior’s New Brand Ambassador

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NewJeans’ Haerin becomes the first-ever K-pop idol to be named ambassador for Dior’s three categories!

NewJeans’ Haerin has become the new face of the global luxury brand Dior. She is the first K-pop artist to be simultaneously selected as an ambassador for Dior’s jewelry, fashion, and beauty categories.

Just recently, the digital pictorial of the fashion magazine Vogue with Haerin and Dior was also released. Haerin’s appearance, which exudes an elegant charm and bold eyes, is impressive. Her unrivaled aura, which perfectly embodies the timeless modern sensibility, the so-called “Dior style,” shines through during the pictorial.

With this, all members of NewJeans will be active as global luxury brand ambassadors in about 9 months after their debut. This is a part where you can get a glimpse of the influence of those who gained popularity as soon as they debuted and established themselves as “icons of the era.”

Meanwhile, NewJeans entered the US Billboard Hot 100 with the title song “OMG” and the b-side song “Ditto” (from their single album OMG released in January) and stayed on the list for 6 weeks and 5 weeks, respectively. The two songs’ highest ranking on the said chart was 74th (“OMG”) and 82nd (“Ditto”).

Source: iMBC

Photo Credits: Dior