TWICE Returns Boldly With A Powerful “FANCY” MV

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Make way for a bolder TWICE!

After almost a month of teasing and hyping up fans, South Korean girl group TWICE has finally returned with new music and a more fearless aura.

Bringing fans to a “FANCY” era, the girls dropped their much-awaited seventh mini album FANCY YOU on April 22.

With their latest mini album housing six new songs, ONCEs can now enjoy listening to the group’s new set of tracks including “Stuck In My Head,” “Girls Like Us,” “HOT,” “Turn It Up,” “STRAWBERRY,” and the highly-anticipated title track “FANCY.”

Powerful MV

Alongside their worldwide album release, the group has also unveiled the powerful music video for title track “FANCY.”

Composed and written by record-makers Black Eyed Pilseung and Jeon Goon, TWICE’s latest main song is a pop dance track that expresses a bold confession to a crush.

True to their previously released teaser introducing a psychedelic theme, the three-minute and 33-second video really gave a mind-blowing experience to everyone.

Much to the fans’ expectation, the K-Pop nonet showed off their charms in the music video in a whole different mood. Unlike their signature cute concept, the members exuded with overflowing charisma as they ventured a more daring look.

From all-black attires to flashy and colorful retro-inspired outfits, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu, all looked undoubtedly fatal and chic.

In addition, the group has made the video more visually appealing and interesting thanks to their tantalizing choreography. Dancing powerfully in hallucinogenic backgrounds, the female idols showcased a powerful synergy. Not only as a group, but each of the members also fascinated fans as they showed off bolder vibes in their respective close-up clips.

Moreover, as of the latest count, the “FANCY” music video has already garnered almost four million views, three hours after its release.

Meanwhile, ONCEs can watch TWICE’s on-going comeback showcase on V live.

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