TXT Makes Much-Awaited Debut With Smile-Inducing MV For “Crown”

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After months of waiting, TXT is finally here — ready to make you smile and be your rays of sunshine!

Big Hit Entertainment’s newest boy group TXT made its highly anticipated debut on March 4 with its first extended play The Dream Chapter: STAR, fronted by the single “One Day Horns Grew From My Head (Crown)”.

Accompanying the release of the five-track album is a dazzling and funky music video of “Crown” which stayed true to the boys’ earlier promises of bright and colorful visuals exhibited through their teasers.

Directed by Oui Kim and produced by Yoo Jung Woo and Lumpens, the four-minute music video puts a smile on everyone’s faces with its fun use of graphics and camera angles. The MV utilizes motion graphics and cartoon animation based on the concept of augmented reality. The sophisticated visual effects add to the visual and sensory pleasures derived from watching the music video.

Yeonjun, Soobin, Huening Kai, Taehyun, and Beomgyu charm the viewers with their proud display of aegyo. Together, the colorful set and the charming gestures of the boys maximize the attractive appeal of the boy group.

But more so, the debut MV showcases the youthful and refreshing sound and choreography of “Crown”. It displays distinctive lyrics and trendy music. In particular, Beomgyu’s opening line captivates listeners from the get-go — it is fast and upbeat.

The vocals and raps are not out-of-place. Instead, the song puts together these elements that give a good harmony. It does not overwhelm the audience with a saturated amount of vocals or raps.

They injected, without going over-the-top, English words in the lyrics which complemented the overall trendy feel of the song and the music video.

Choreography-wise, TXT’s movements are easy-to-follow, with the steps being literal representations of the lyrics. Meanwhile, position changes highlight the boys’ energetic moves.


(Photo from Big Hit Entertainment)

Aside from a new album and a new MV, TXT also greeted fans through Mnet’s Debut Celebration Show. On March 5, Yeonjun, Soobin, Huening Kai, Taehyun, and Beomgyu will hold a debut showcase at the Yes24 Live Hall.

Also known as Tomorrow X Together, the boy group is Big Hit Entertainment’s first boy group in six years since BTS.

Watch the live performance of “Crown” here:

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