BOICE raise their voices to cheer for CNBLUE in Manila

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Mandaluyong, Philippines – Nothing could come between fans and members of CNBLUE when the latter arrived at SM Megamall for an open press conference prior to the band’s concert at the Smart Araneta Coliseum on Saturday, June 15.

The Blue Moon: 2013 CN Blue World Tour Live In Manila, made possible by PULP Live World, brought the band to the Philippines for the first time. Many fans from PH BOICE, the official fan club for the Filipino fans of the band, lined up in the mall entrances as early as 5 a.m. Friday, and their number doubled as the gates opened.

The fans were heard chanting “CNBLUE! CNBLUE” from time to time and singing along to the band’s latest hit, I’m Sorry. Their numbers increased massively at lunch time. The fans did not show any signs of exhaustion even though CNBLUE did not come up on stage until almost 4 in the afternoon.

There were games and entertainment organized by the hosts, from sustaining voice after saying “Happy birthday Yonghwa and Minhyuk. See you all tomorrow at Araneta for the Blue Moon World Tour Live In Manila” and a trivia game to competing for the best cheer prior to the press conference proper. Some of the participants were actually wearing school uniforms because the event fell on a class day. The lucky fans who won in these games were given tickets to the concert.

The entire event center of the mall was filled with screams and shouts from the crowd as they went wild upon learning that CNBLUE had arrived in the venue.  It was loud enough to ward off the hazards of the impending flood due to heavy rain, and the hosts had to remind the fans to calm down before letting the boys go up on stage.

After a brief introduction by the band – where members showed off newly-learned Filipino phrases such as “Magandang hapon” (good afternoon) and “Salamat” (thank you) a Q&A portion led by a local TV reporter quickly followed.

CNBLUE admitted to not yet having had a taste of Filipino dishes, but were excited to try the famous chicken adobo and local seafood as suggested by the fans. When asked about their impression of the country, Jungshin mentioned to his members about going to Cebu for fishing and the members added that all four of them would love to go there.

Yonghwa sang a portion of the chorus from their single I’m Sorry and dedicated it to PH BOICE, which received a heartwarming applause and cheer from media and fans alike.

They were also asked about taking acting roles in Philippine TV and Yonghwa answered that he would like to try if an opportunity comes. Of course, not only fans of CNBLUE but K-drama fans also applauded upon hearing his answer. Yonghwa is the leader of the band, but also has earned acclaim for his acting in the drama series He’s Beautiful and Heartstrings.

As the program came to a close, the fans sang happy birthday for Yonghwa while a Simpsons-themed birthday cake was brought on stage for the lad. The boys also took a photo with the fans for remembrance before thanking the hundreds of fans who came to see them at the press conference.

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The Blue Moon: 2013 CN Blue World Tour Live In Manila is the Philippine leg of their series of concerts in Asia and Australia organized by their label, FNC Entertainment.  The concert is happening at the Smart Araneta Coliseum brought to us by PULP Live World, one of the country’s premiere producers of foreign and local music events.  To know more about their upcoming shows, visit their official website and official facebook account.

We would like to thank Miss Happee Sy and Miss Mylene of PULP Live World for the accommodation.

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