Jang Ki Yong Expends Haunting Character In Teaser Photos Of New OCN Drama “Kill It”

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OCN releases character posters for its upcoming new drama Kill It.

Writers Son Hyun Soo and Choi Myung Jin join forces as the creative unit for upcoming OCN drama Kill It. The story is about a veteran killer and an arrogant detective.

Jang Ki Yong is set to portray veteran killer Kim Soo Hyun. Nothing is known about him as a professional assassin since he hides his past behind the guise of being a veterinarian. However, just like everyone else, he longs for love and affection. Soo Hyun has lost his memory as a child when he was raised by a notorious serial killer.

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Kill It *Image via OCN*

Kill It *Image via OCN*


In his character poster, he embodies danger and an emanating cold threat. His eyes signal no fear as he stands alone. However, his eyes perfectly captures the essence of a lonely man. His second poster has a more isolated and pensive look in his eyes as he stares straight at the camera.

Jang’s jaw line and strong facial muscles further emphasizes his mysterious power. His poster has the caption “I was raised by yesterday to be who I am”. His only memory is himself as a child begging for someone to save him.

Kill It *Image via OCN*

Kill It *Image via OCN*

Meanwhile, Nana’s character poster of Do Hyun Jin is equally powerful. She has her gun raised and stares at her target fiercely. Her poster comes with the phrase “Today raised her to become who she is.”

A rich family adopted Do Hyun Jin. She lived her life following what they wanted for her. However, for the first time in her life, she goes against their wishes and becomes a detective. She is passionate about going after serial killers.

Kill It premieres on March 16 via OCN. It will take over the Saturday and Sunday slots currently held by Trap.

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