Kang Daniel Selected As The Newest Brand Ambassador For Puma

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CF King Kang Daniel keeps on bagging major endorsements left and right!

2020 has just started – but Kang Daniel is already rolling with projects as he gets selected by Puma as their newest brand ambassador!

kang daniel

On January 2, global sports brand Puma has announced that the multi-talented idol will be the newest face modelling their products

“We felt that Kang Daniel is a professional and passionate artist on stage, and he is also able to communicate sincerely with fans. We believe that the positive energy he carries will match various styles – from sporty to street, formal, and so on – in his own way,” the brand shared on why they selected the singer-dancer-rapper.

“His signature trendiness and personality correspond with what Puma aims to show,” they added.

kang daniel

Prior to Puma’s announcement, outdoor ads have drawn fans’ cheers and buzz after getting posted on Twitter and the community, raising fans’ expectations for cooperation between Puma and Kang Daniel.

In fact, on December 6, 2019, there had been several surprise ads of Daniel for Puma which decorated the subway stations of Samsung, Gangnam, Hongdae, Myeongdong, and more.

The brand also introduced the idol as their ambassador through a post on their official SNS account with the caption “You and Me, Our Special Beginning”.

As such, Puma will be communicating with fans by showing their partnership with the idol to the public and launching a collaboration campaign together.

Contents for their collaboration campaign will be available online through Puma Korea’s official blog, Instagram account, and more. Meanwhile, their first collaboration campaign is set to be launched on January 17.

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Source: Edaily


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