Kang Daniel Tops Real-Time Searches Upon Debut Album’s Pre-Order Launch

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The nation’s center Kang Daniel continues to be showered with love from fans!

Fans’ overflowing support for Kang Daniel continues to show as they give a hot response to his upcoming debut album’s commencement of pre-order sales!

Photo from LAP Korea

On the afternoon of July 16, KONNECT Entertainment updated their website with official pre-order links for the idol’s upcoming debut album. The links revealed led to the sites of Yes24, Aladdin, Synnara, Hottracks, Interpark, and Apple Music where fans can place an advanced order officially.

Even without a formal announcement like most artists do, fans immediately flocked to the sites to ensure their copies of Daniel’s debut album. In fact, their hot response reflected on the trending lists of several music and social media sites.

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Daniel’s name took over the top spot on Synnara’s real-time chart and also placed number one on Hottracks’ keyword trending and hot searched charts.

Additionally, the idol dominated the trending keywords in Yes24, with Kang Daniel placing as number one and his album’s title Color On Me taking the sixth spot.

Fans on Twitter also expressed their excitement by putting the hashtag “#강다니엘_3시예판 (Kang Daniel 3 O’clock pre-order)” at the number one spot for the top trending tags in Korea.

With this, Daniel again proved his all-time popularity, and this further raises expectations for his much-awaited debut.

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Aftet being dearly missed by fans, the former Wanna One member will make his solo debut on July 25 with Color On Me. He personally participated in the entire process of making his solo debut album as he hopes to express and show fans how he found his own colours.