Seventeen’s Dino Dreams To Be ‘An Artist That Goes Down In History’

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Seventeen‘s performance unit’s dreams?

Hoshi, Jun, The8, and Dino opened up on their aspirations in an interview and photoshoot with Dazed & Confused Korea for its November issue.

“I want Seventeen to do well,” said performance leader Hoshi.

Seventeen has gained recognition since their debut in May 2015 for being ‘self-producing idols’. The members of the group have actively taken part in the creation and production of their albums and choreography.

Hoshi also shared his wish for Seventeen to win first place in all broadcasts. At present, the group holds two first place trophies from their wins on May 4 and 11 at MBC Music Show Champion for Pretty U.

The members of the performance unit have also shared their intent for the group to move forward together as one.

“It will be good if our members can always be together,” said Hoshi.

“My dream is for Seventeen to do activities for a long, long time,” shared The8.


Hoshi, Jun, Dino and The8 show off their charisma in new photoshoot. (Photo by Dazed & Confused Korea)

The quartet, who is in-charge of Seventeen’s choreography and stage composition, also opened up on their personal dreams.

“I want to be a devoted son to my parents,” said Hoshi.

“I have a lot of dreams,” said Jun. “To see that dream come true, I have to try and live harder.”

The oldest member of the performance unit said that rather than being a ‘star’, he wants to see satisfaction in himself.

“That is happiness,” he continued. Prior to debuting in Seventeen, Jun has acted in various movies in China.

(Photo by; Dazed & Confused Korea)

(Photo by: Dazed & Confused Korea)

Dazed & Confused Korea will release pictorials and interviews of the 13 members of Seventeen in three months, with the first unit being the performance unit.

Check out the behind-the-scenes of Hoshi, Jun, The8, and Dino’s newest photoshoot.

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