Best Of K-Beauty: Cosmetic & Skincare Kit #2

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What is the newest update in the world of K-Beauty? We got you covered.

What’s new after Best Of K-Beauty: Cosmetic & Skincare Kit #1? Here is the second installment of our monthly feature of Korean cosmetic and skincare products that you can start with to pamper yourself today:

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3W Clinic Collagen Crystal Peeling Gel promises to ‘safely and effectively revitalize skin.’ Peeling gels tend to have a much gentler approach when it comes to exfoliating the skin. It naturally peels off dead skin cells and any skin build-up, giving renewed and refreshed-looking skin. If you tend to have reservations on extensive peeling treatments offered by skin clinics, this is highly recommended for you. The natural ingredients works wonders for all skin types sans all the irritation.

Yeppunonnie, 3W Clinic Collagen Crystal Peeling Gel

After cleansing your face, apply the gel in small quantities onto your face, and slowly massage it with your finger tips. Wash it off with tepid water.

Remember that when exfoliating the skin, one must not go overboard with its frequency of usage in a week span. Once or twice a week would be a good start to maintain the skin’s barriers against bacteria, and avoid any hints of redness in the long run.

Another product from the 3W Clinic line, the 3W Clinic Professional Natural Make-Up Powder Crystal Creator Bright is a tinted powder to give off that smooth, silky look on the face. This is not your usual powder foundation, as its consistency is fine and translucent, which will only provide limited coverage on the skin. Once makeup has been fully set on the face, this will help cap off the look. This product is a must if you wish to achieve that picture-perfect look in social events and gatherings.

Yeppunonnie, 3W Clinic Professional Natural Make-Up Powder Crystal Creator Bright

Abbamart started off as a producer for makeup brushes in South Korea. It has now branched out into the cosmetics market as a one-stop shop for makeup enthusiasts.

Shades of brown are most commonly used in the eyes to give off that soft, neutral look. But one can take it up a notch once you get hold of Abbamart’s Brown Smoky Palette. With shades ranging from Cinamon, Bitter Chocolate, Golden Honeys, and Bebob Jazz – this is your go-to product if you wish to stick to the basic brown look. Think that subtle look approach for day wear from smoldering look for night wear.

Yeppunonnie, Abbamart Brown Smoky Palette

Our interest pique all the more for products that serves with a multi-purpose approach. Case in point: 3-in-1 beauty products.

Abbamart’s Rolling Rolling Multi-Stick is a beauty hack for individuals, who prefer streamlined makeup, which is all bottled or packed in one product. It is a Cheek, Eye shadow and Lip stick. Shades range from Free Love, Evening Sun, and Some. So if you wish to add some bold and vibrant colors to your makeup routine, you may want to grab hold of this beauty find.

Yeppunonnie, Abbamart Rolling Rolling Multi-Stick

Another innovative beauty invention is IPKN Artist Wave Auto Puff. IPKN stands for ‘Independent Professional Korean New Yorker.’ This modern approach to makeup application utilizes a vibrating auto puff to achieve flawless results. It minimizes time spent on applying foundation and/or creams in general onto your face, as the vibrating action will do the trick to even out, and result to a well-blended base on your skin, revealing a smooth coverage.

Yeppunonnie, IPKN Artist Wave Auto Puff

Another beauty hack – mask sheets have been the rage in the beauty industry for quite some time now. These thin-sized cotton sheets are packed with natural ingredients to moisturize the skin – plus the fact that it is easy to use. One size fits all, just carefully positions the mask onto your face, a few taps in between, and you would know that it has served its purpose when the mask dries out.

AQUTOP‘s mask sheets comes in three variants: Goat Milk Aqua Collagen Sheet Moisturizing, Goat Milk Aqua Collagen Sheet Nutrition, and Goat Milk Aqua Collagen Sheet Brightening. Goat Milk is known to stop skin inflammation and nourish the skin.

Yeppunonnie, AQUTOP Goat Milk Aqua Collagen Sheet

Another brand, It’s Skin Firm And Glow mask sheet with Honey as its main ingredient, promises to liven up the skin’s elasticity, achieving a natural glow on the skin.

Yeppunonnie, It's Skin Firm And Glow

These mask sheets help maintain hydration on the skin. With increased hydration, the vitality and the glow lock in giving that fresh-faced look. Remember, mask sheets are not a beauty stand-alone remedy for skin dilemmas. A well rounded skin care routine is still the way to go (CTM = Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize) to maintain a healthy skin overall.

M.U.S.T Brightening Color Control Cushion is a makeup base with a light coverage finish. The anti-aging and whitening benefits of this product will help correct and lighten dark spots.

Yeppunonnie, M.U.S.T BB Cushion

Another unique K-Beauty trend is Peel-off Makeup. As the name suggests, it is to ‘apply it, wait to dry completely and peel it off.’ From eyebrow gels to lip tints, this makeup hack provides a longer lasting finish as one will have to forgo with the usual touch-ups.

Before applying the M.U.S.T Lasting Eyebrows Tattoo Gel, make sure to cleanse your eyebrows to remove any skin residue for a smooth gel application. If you wish to achieve a fuller and sharper eyebrow, apply liberal amounts on the area and meticulously follow the shape of your eyebrows. Let it dry and peel it off after two hours, and voila! Fuller eyebrows achieved in no time!

Yeppunonnie, M.U.S.T Lasting Eyebrows Tattoo Gel

If you’re a fan of red and pink-colored lip shades, this product is for you. M.U.S.T Signature Liquid Lip in Red Pink gives that alluring feel to your lips. Before vamping up your lip look, ensure to have your lips exfoliated to avoid dry, cracked lips. Focus on the right shade that will overall compliment your look, and you’re definitely on the right track.

Yeppunonnie, M.U.S.T Signature Liquid Lip

Vant‘s philosophy to skin care is at most, of the highest grade. Backed with scientific research, Vant’s Phyto 4set range will help achieve a nourished and healthy-looking skin. The range includes Phyto Emulsion, Phyto Cream, Phyto Cleanser and Phyto Skin Natural Formulation. The Natural Formulation acts as the toner to leave your skin refreshed and maintain the skin’s pH balance. With its premium natural and organic ingredients to boot, Vant’s Phyto Line is indeed your skin’s best friend.

Yeppunonnie, Vant Phyto Skin Natural Formulation

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