[CONCERT RECAP] What A Rush: Junny’s Musical Mastery Takes Singapore By Storm At [intro] Dopamine Concert With DJ Daul

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What a wonderful scene that we wish could last forever!

Korean-Canadian R&B musical sensation, Junny, delivered an unforgettable performance at his [intro] Dopamine concert with DJ Daul on 26 June 2024 (Wednesday), leaving SG Junniverses with an overload of dopamine rush at the *SCAPE Ground Theatre. The Singapore show marks the first stop of Junny’s 2024 Tour: [intro] Dopamine featuring DJ Daul, and marks his highly-anticipated return to the sunny island after his electrifying show last November 2023. 

The intimate venue provided the perfect setting for Junny’s soulful vocals and dynamic stage presence, making it a night to remember for all in attendance. The concert was elevated by the presence of DJ Daul, who set the tone for the evening with his pulsating mixes. Read on to reminisce about the nostalgia from Junny’s show last Wednesday with us. 

The evening kicked off with DJ Daul setting the stage with dynamic mixes, building anticipation for Junny’s entrance. As Junny emerged to a roaring crowd, he opened the night with an explosive performance of “RUSH“, immediately setting a high-energy tone for the night. 

The crowd’s enthusiasm was palpable as Junny introduced himself, expressing his happiness to be back in Singapore for the second time. He endearingly asked who had attended his first show last year, and was met with a sea of raised hands from his dedicated Junniverses. Setting the tone for the rest of the night, Junny humorously noted that while the weather in Singapore might be hot, he was about to make it even hotter, earning cheers from the crowd. 

The setlist was a perfect blend of new hits, nostalgic tunes and fan favorites. Junny continued the show with “AURA” and “TASTE”, both performed with a passion that had the audience entranced. He then took a moment to talk about his latest album, “Dopamine”, which had been out for about a week and already amassed over a million streams on Spotify. While this was a testament to his growing popularity, Junny never fails to stay humble and thankful, expressing his heartfelt gratitude for their overwhelming support. 

Junny then treated SG Junniverses to “Early”, where he playfully teased that he had to keep things sexy. The night progressed with seamless transitions between songs, including “Not About You (Korean Version)”, “Optimist”, and “Here We Go Again”, each performance showcasing Junny’s vocal prowess and versatility. 

The energy continued to build for the ever so iconic “Invitation” which was met with enthusiastic sing-along from the crowd. This saw Junny praising SG Junniverses knowing how to party like it was the weekend, even though it was a weekday, setting the stage for a smooth transition to “For The Weekend” and “Feel That”, which kept the crowd on their feet. 

Taking a trip down memory lane, Junny continued the show with “Trust”, sharing that it was a song that he hadn’t performed in over a year but brought back specially for SG Junniverses. The nostalgic moment was followed by a sentimental performance of “solo” an “Movie”, captivating the audience with his emotive delivery.

In a heartfelt ment segment, Junny expressed his gratitude to all his fans for their unconditional support and for spending their precious time listening to his music amidst their busy lives. He then performed “By My Side” as a tribute to all Junniverses and in return, an appreciative fan surprised him with a bouquet of flowers, adding a special touch to the evening. 

The concert continued with “Complications”, “Nostalgia” and “Get Ya!”. Beyond that, Junny even delighted the crowd with a cover of Bruno Mars’ “That’s What I Like”, demonstrating his versatility and wide musical range. 

One of the highlights of the night was an acapella session which allowed Junny to take special requests from fans, performing snippets of “Love Eternally”, “Boyhood”, “Switch”, “Darling”, Day6’s “You Were Beautiful”, NCT Mark’s “200”, and his latest OST  “Escape” for the drama Begins Youth. Each request showcased Junny’s excellent vocal ability and his knack for connecting with his fans. 

Returning to the full set, Junny then performed “Cloud9” and “Promise”, the latter featuring a surprise fan banner project that brought a touch of warmth and unity to the night. “Daylight” and “Color Me” followed, each song elevating the atmosphere, keeping the energy high and the audience engaged. 

As the night drew to a close, Junny performed “figure8” and wrapped up with “Thank You”, a touching finale that saw him expressing his appreciation for the incredible support from his fans, leaving them in a state of euphoria. 

Amidst the loud cheers for an encore, Junny returned to the stage for another performance of “Invitation” and concluded the night with “RUSH”, bringing the concert full circle. 

Overall, Junny’s [intro] Dopamine concert in Singapore was a resounding success, showcasing not only his versatile musical talent but also his ability to create an unforgettable experience for his fans, leaving an indelible mark on each of them. With his magnetic stage presence, soulful vocals, and genuine connection with the SG Junniverses in attendance, Junny is poised to continue making even greater waves in the music industry. 

Junny’s 2024 Tour: [intro] Dopamine with DJ Daul in Singapore is brought to the fans by Flabbergast Productions and 828 Asia. Team HelloKpop would like to extend gratitude to Flabbergast Productions for the media invite. 

Words by Yolande Goh

Image Source: 828 Asia Instagram (Photographer credits: @jeremikhong / @yongusssy / @fujibois)