Exciting Comebacks and Debuts to Look Forward to in July

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Mark your calendars! July’s K-pop lineup is stacked with highly anticipated comebacks and debuts that belong on your playlist.

As July approaches, K-pop fans are in for a treat with a slew of highly anticipated comebacks and debuts. From long-awaited returns to fresh faces making their first splash in the industry, here’s a rundown of what to expect in the upcoming month. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the K-pop world, July is shaping up to be a month filled with incredible music and unforgettable performances, guaranteed to provide plenty of excitement and entertainment.

July 1

STAYC kicks off the month with their first full album, “The 1st Album [Metamorphic],” and the title track “Cheeky Icy Thang.” This comeback marks a significant milestone for the group, promising a vibrant and energetic showcase of their unique charm.

July 2

ALL(H)OURS follows closely with their second mini album, “WITNESS,” featuring the title track “SHOCK.” Fans are eagerly anticipating the group’s powerful performance and striking visuals that are expected to accompany this release.

July 3

Lee Chae Yeon makes her return with her third mini album, “SHOWDOWN,” and its title track, “Don’t.” Known for her captivating dance skills and charismatic stage presence, Chaeyeon’s comeback is sure to be a highlight of the month.

Additionally, JU-NE of iKON debuts as a solo artist with his album “1st Solo Album – Bruise,” featuring double title tracks “나홀로” and “빌어.” Fans are excited to see JU-NE’s individual artistry and musical style come to the forefront.

July 8

(G)I-DLE returns with their seventh mini album, “I SWAY,” and the title track, “Klaxon.” The group’s bold concepts and powerful performances are expected to shine once again, making this a highly anticipated comeback.

July 9

Weeekly will release their sixth mini album, “Bliss,” with the title track “LIGHTS ON.” Known for their refreshing concepts and catchy tunes, Weeekly’s comeback is eagerly awaited by fans worldwide.

On the same day, a new four-member girl group, Astell, will debut with their first single album, “ISLAND.” With their unique concept and promising talent, Astell is poised to capture the hearts of K-pop fans everywhere.

July 10

DREAMCATCHER is set to release their 10th mini album, “VirtuouS.” With their unique blend of rock and pop, DREAMCATCHER’s comeback is sure to deliver the hauntingly beautiful music and intricate choreography they’re known for.

July 12

ENHYPEN makes their highly anticipated return with their second studio album, “ROMANCE : UNTOLD.” As one of K-pop’s rising stars, ENHYPEN’s comeback is expected to showcase their growth and artistic evolution.

July 15

NCT 127 returns with their sixth album, “WALK.” With their previous albums receiving critical acclaim and commercial success, fans can expect another dynamic and innovative offering from the group.

July 16

WAKER unveils their second mini album, “Sweet Tape,” promising a blend of sweet melodies and heartfelt lyrics that resonate with listeners.

July 19

JIMIN of BTS releases his highly anticipated second solo album, “MUSE.” Known for his emotive vocals and powerful stage presence, JIMIN’s solo comeback is set to captivate fans worldwide.

Stray Kids will also make waves on July 19 with their ninth mini album, “ATE,” featuring the title track “Chk Chk Boom.” Known for their distinct sound and high-energy performances, this comeback is sure to be another explosive hit.

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