GFRIEND Charms Filipino Buddies With Passionate Stages In “Go Go GFRIEND! Asia Tour In Manila”

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For their second performance on the Philippine concert stage, GFRIEND brought in some of their most passionate stages to date.

On August 24, GFRIEND delighted their Filipino Buddies through their second solo concert in the country. Though this was their seventh stop on the Go Go GFRIEND! 2019 GFRIEND Asia Tour, these girls still delivered passionate performances for their loyal fans.

Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB, and Umji hyped up the crowds at the New Frontier Theater with lively performances of “Me Gustas Tu”, “Life is a Party”, and “Vacation”.

After their first set of performances, the girls took time to address their Filipino Buddies through a ment— where they promised to make the crowd happy by delivering stellar stages that would showcase different sides of the group’s personality.

They definitely stuck to this promise as they sweetly performed “Glow”, “Truly Love”, “Love in the Air”, “Love Whisper”, and a cool performance of “Windy Windy”.

After sharing their hopes for the future through a VCR, GFRIEND definitely showcased their passionate side as they staged beautiful renditions of “You Are My Star” and “A Starry Sky”.

Aside from group stages, GFRIEND also offered a glimpse into their group’s possible future through two subunit performances! Yerin, Eunha, and Umji took the stage as the Hug Hug unit and performed “Shy Boy”.

Sowon, Yuju, and SinB, which is the subunit World Peace, fired up the stage with an equally adorable performance of “Monday Blues”.

After an amusing VCR that showed the girls trying out different sports, GFRIEND fired up the theater with performances of “You’re Not Alone”, “Only 1”, and “L.U.V”— proving that, yes, they really were born to take the stage.

The group also prepared a few stages especially for their Filipino Buddies. The crowd was serenaded with a ballad version of “Rough” and an equally moving rendition of “Flower Garden”.

After serenading the crowds, GFRIEND ramped up the energy with passionate performances of “Sunrise, “Time for the Moon Night”, “Memoria, “Flower”, “Crush”, and “Finger Tip”.

Speaking of special stages for their Filipino Buddies, the girls also revealed that they’d been sneaking in Filipino words in their performances of “Time for the Moon Night” and “Me Gustas Tu”.

Before they wrapped up their show, the girls had the crowd on their feet as they launched into a lively performance of “Fever” and serenaded with a special song titled “Hope”.

The girls officially ended their riveting Manila show with a performance of “Compass”.

Check out more photos from the event below:

Photos by: Khriz Virgilio

Go Go GFRIEND! 2019 GFRIEND Asia Tour in Manila was presented by MyMusicTaste, Source Music, and CJ E&M. Hellokpop extends gratitude to MyMusicTaste for the invitation to the event.

Event covered by Angela Suacillo and Khriz Virgilio.