“We The Fest 2018” In Indonesia: Daily Highlights Featuring Eric Nam

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We The Fest 2018 was a festival filled with amazingly talented performers in Indonesia. Here is a quick recap of talented artists that caught our (and everyone’s) attention.

James Bay at We The Fest 2018

James Bay. Photo Credits: @nareend // We The Fest (Ismaya Live)

If we have to describe all three days of We The Fest 2018 in a limited space, it would be “a festival filled with ever so talented musicians showcasing diverse colors and styles”. From pop, R&B, Jazz, hip-hop, EDM to 50s music – the three-day concert has it all. On top of the various genres presented, the artists presented their own strategies to engage and relate with their audiences. The uniqueness of each and every performer made it nearly impossible to pick the best acts from each day. Even if so, here is a quick daily recap of artists that caught our attention.

Day 1

James Bay

James Bay at We The Fest 2018

James Bay

There may not be enough positive vocabulary to explain how outstanding James Bay’s performance was. Rocking We The Fest stage, the indie soloist performed several of his hit tracks, including “Hold Back the River” (2014), “Let It Go” (2015), “Us” (2018), and “Wild Love” (2018).

It did not take much for James Bay to make the audience a screaming and singing crowd; simply his stage presence made it happen. We The Fest 2018 marked Bay’s first ever performance in Indonesia, and he definitely went all out with this one!

NonaRia (feat. Petra Sihombing)

Nonaria (feat. Petra Sihombing) at We The Fest 2018

Nonaria (feat. Petra Sihombing)

NonaRia is definitely not your typical and mainstream Indonesian pop group. The trio comprises Nesia Ardi on vocals and snare drum, Nanin Wardhani on piano, and Yasintha Pattiasina on violin. Through their performance at #WTF18, the trio rearranged, as well as introduced, a glimpse of what 40s to 50s Indonesian pop looked like.

The ladies performed a collection of tracks from the 50s era, such as “Maling Jemuran” and children’s song “Naik Delman”, as well as their original track, “Santai“. As if the setlist was not engaging enough, NonaRia featured popular guitarist and singer Petra Sihombing in one of the tracks performed.


Day 2

Eric Nam


Eric Nam was indeed a memorable experience. Fans were floating away with Eric Nam. Greeting Jakarta for the second time in the previous year, the singer took different measures to create an intimate concert experience for fans. One of which includes jumping down the stage to give several fans hi-fives, and allowing the audience to take close up shots of him.

Among the English tracks Eric performed include “Cave Me In” (2016), a collaboration with American singer-songwriter Gallant and Epik High’s Tablo, and “Float” (2018), his latest OST for animation movie Hotel Transylvania 3. His setlist generally featured a mix of various genres he has explored throughout his music career, notably pop, R&B, and EDM.


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Afgan, Isyana, Rendy Pandugo

Afgan Isyana Rendy at We The Fest 2018

Afgan, Isyana Sarasvati, and Rendy Pandugo.

Unique music personalities and distinct colors made this collaboration work. Afgan came from an easy listening teen pop background, Isyana working in the Jazz-pop area, and Rendy Pandugo on the acoustic guitar side.

The stage kicked off with solo performances from all three singers. Afgan performed his long-time hit singlees “Dia Dia Dia” and “Panah Asmara”. Isyana performed her debut track “Keep Being You” and latest “Winter Song”. And Rendy Pandugo performed “I Don’t Care”, the song that secured him spots on radio charts, and “Silver Rain”.

Afgan Isyana Rendy at We The Fest 2018

Afgan, Isyana Sarasvati, and Rendy Pandugo covering “Love” by Dean feat. Syd.

The three then went on stage together and performed “Heaven”, their valentine collaboration track. Aside from performing their original songs, they also covered songs by international artists, such as “South of the River” by Tom Misch and Dean feat. Syd’s “Love”. The clean version, by the way.


Day 3


Miguel at We The Fest 2018


Sure thing, Miguel performed hit tracks from his debut in 2010 up to his latest album, War & Leisure. But his performance at #WTF18 brought a deeper meaning. Multiple times in between performances, he emphasized the fact that we do not have to conform to any standards, because at the end of the day, we live our own lives. Often, he also mentioned unity, a theme much needed in the current society.

Among the tracks Miguel performed on this first visit to Jakarta were “Sure Thing” (2010), “Do You” (2012), “Wave” (2015), and Pineapple Skies (2017).

Dipha Barus


Dipha Barus. That one person behind the DJ gear made the whole concert hall of hundreds, and maybe thousands, dance. It did not take more than five minutes into his performance that The Stage is Bananas hall became packed with audience dancing to the rhythm. The internationally acclaimed DJ kicked off his performance by remixing popular hit tracks, both from Indonesia and internationally, such as “Salah”by Potret and Lauv’s “Easy Love“.

The DJ also revealed a teaser video of his next collaboration with Indonesian pop soloist Raisa, before performing his original tracks, such as “Money Honey” (feat. Monica Karina) and “All Good” (feat. Nadin). The stage closed with a performance of “No One Can Stop Us” (feat. Kimokal’s Kallula), the single released in 2016 that garnered him massive public attention. No one did stop the audience from enjoying the night, though.

Abenk Alter

Abenk Alter at We The Fest 2018

Abenk Alter.

If Dipha Barus successfully made the whole concert hall dance, Abenk Alter was there to touch hearts. In his performance, Abenk performed a selection of his previously released tracks and premiered several unreleased ones. While the concern about premiering an unreleased track is audience engagement, the singer-songwriter worked around it like no other. There is always something so touching and encouraging in Abenk’s smooth R&B and pop style that made his audience sing along in no time. The former member of Indonesian popular band Soulvibe also performed “Aura” (2016), a track dedicated to, hence named after, his first daughter.


Beyond The Music and Extras

Music made #WTF18 a special experience, but what was beyond the music made it a memorable, lasting experience for its goers – a combination of Eats and Beats, Free Hugs, Art Village, and artsy spots to take pictures at.

Furthermore, “Wish You Were Here” gave the attendees a chance to post their wishlist for We The Fest 2019. It’s never too late to wish right? Some of the most requested acts for 2019 we spotted included Lauv, Rex Orange County, H.E.R., BLACKPINK, and DPR Live.

Check out the pictures below to see a glimpse of #WTF18!

Concert coverage by Archangel Quinterra. Photos by Archangel Quinterra and Subin Kim unless stated otherwise.

Special thanks to Ismaya Live for the coverage opportunity for We The Fest 2018