GOT7’s Mark Shares His Newfound Interest In Fashion

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Go for it, Mark!

GOT7’s Mark shared his interest in fashion during his interview with fashion and lifestyle magazine Grazia Korea. The 23-year-old idol revealed that he recently got into buying clothes.

“When I get hooked on something, I usually buy those,” he said. He added that it takes him a week before buying his desired item because he agonizes how often he will wear the clothing and what outfit to match it.


(Photo from Grazia Korea)

Other than shopping, Mark also revealed a more ambitious direction that he wanted to take in fashion. “I wish I could launch my own fashion brand,” he said, adding that he has a desire in design, and making something on his own.

His Grazia photo-shoot is a testament that Mark’s future in fashion may be bright, and that adding fashion model into his list will not be a problem as he effortlessly dons each outfit.


(Photo from Grazia Korea)

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