Gugudan’s Kim Sejeong Displays Her Natural Beauty In Latest GQ Spread

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Not only is she talented in vocals and dancing, GQ’s magazine feature shows that Kim Sejeong is truly one of the most versatile celebrities.

Kim Sejeong, member of girl group Gugudan, is the latest face of GQ Magazine. She dazzles the camera with her fascinating eyes and mature beauty.

She has been playing a big role in the music and broadcasting industry with active participation in her group and television programs.


Her pictures display her charming aura felt in black and white retrospective mood. She manages to give off a sense of maturity paired with an alluring atmosphere that is shown through her piercing eyes.


Kim Sejeong had always managed to show various sides of herself as she journeys to transform in every photo shoot to adhere to different pictorial concepts.

Now, she is rediscovering her hidden charm again as she shows off her confidence which is truly exclusive to her beauty.


Even without special accessories or an eye-catching background, she showed how she demands the atmosphere in every selcas taken by the photographer. Readers are easily captivated by her eyes.

Her pictures give off a chic yet urban feeling but at the same time, it emits an elegant yet lovely atmosphere making it impossible to keep your eyes off her.


Subsequently, the simple design of her outfits adds a friendly flair to her elegant atmosphere. Kim Sejeong is currently busy on activities with her girl group.

On September 16, she released an OST for tvN-Netflix drama, Mr. Sunshine. You can listen to “Lover” on major music websites.

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