Marie Claire Korea highlights autumn trends

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With summer coming to an end and autumn just around the corner, Marie Claire Korea shares its take on the upcoming season’s trendiest colors in The Autumn Wind. With hair blowing in the breeze and allure dark lipstick, Lee Ho Jung goes out for a perfect drive.

Autumn is all about darker hues and the analogous colors of the falling leaves. This season, black burgundy is in! To achieve a striking image, apply burgundy lip make-up that looks very close to the color black and use light foundation. The dark lips will accentuate the light-toned face to create a cold feeling. Apply a thin line of eye-liner and wine, brown, and beige eye shadow to create a gradation effect. Then, from the center of your lips, apply an ephemeral transparent gloss. To top off the make-up, model Lee is seen wearing a Bottega Veneta leather jacket, Versace chain strap wrist watch, and a gold chain bangle while sitting inside of BMW Z4 35is.

This autumn, you cannot go wrong with red and nude. Marie Claire Korea shares that having a yellow skin tone works well with orange and red lip make-up. First, be sure that the area around your lips is clear of make-up. Carefully apply the lip make-up with a brush and be sure that the make-up does not smear. Lee dons a brown Marc Jacobs knit shirt, a nude Michael Kors fur vest, a nude hat, and golden bangles. Wearing the same make-up, Lee is seen clad in an olive Gucci coat and black leathers gloves and a J. Tiara bangle decorated with a gold chain.

Similar to black, burgundy, and red, a dark alternative for the season is wine red. Begin by applying lip make-up from the inside outwards. For thin lips, slightly apply more lip make-up will make the lips look fuller. Then, apply a soft corral colored blush on the cheekbones to set the atmosphere. In the photo, Lee is seen wearing a Prada knit top.

Nude and light brown are the most beloved colors of autumn, though they must be applied on topically. A yellowish hue for foundation is preferred as it exudes an overall warm feeling. Apply a darker hue blush from the inside of the cheekbones towards the outside and slightly apply on the forehead and chin. Lee dons a light brown Burberry Prorsum coat, olive Gucci hat, and gold ring.

Sources: (News & Photos) – Marie Claire Korea

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