Park Bo Young goes floral for InStyle Korea

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Wolf Boy actress Park Bo Young has exposed her modesty and purity through the January issue of InStyle Korea. She is seen wearing a fine collection of clothing pieces with floral print.

In the first photo, Park wears a thick white turtle neck tucked under a white waist-high skirt with stems of simple red flowers. She wears a silver rose necklace and is seen holding the flowers on its stems while looking towards the camera with a nonchalant facial expression. For the second photo, Park wears a loose pullover sweater with with red, blue, green, yellow, and black floral print. She wears the sweater with a simple and plain red skirt.

The third photo displays Park wearing a delicate burgundy tulle dress with intricate detail around the neck and chest area of the clothing piece. The actress is seen sitting on a white chair with vintage newspaper print, multiple prints of the United Kingdom flag, and the United States flag. In the fourth photo, Park is seen wearing a cream semi long-sleeved one piece dress with red, magenta, indigo, and yellow floral print.

Check out Park Bo Young’s pictorial for InStyle Korea below:

Source: Couch Kimchi via Newsen (1)(2)(3)

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