FANMEETING RECAP: Kwon Yuri Shares A Nostalgic Night With PH SONEs At “Chapter 2 in Manila”

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Girls’ Generation’s YURI hopes to spend her next chapters with fans, reminisces about her acting roles, and MORE!

It was all worth the wait as Girls’ Generation’s KWON YURI treats fans to an unforgettable experience at her 2nd Fanmeeting Tour: Chapter 2 in Manila.

girls generation kwon yuri fan meet manila

Organized by CNCA Media, the fan meet took place on a cloudy July 9th evening at the New Frontier Theater. Before the much-awaited event, there was a fan hub dedicated to fans inside the Gateway Mall. Fans were able to snap photos with YURI’s standee and more decorations related to the artist.

KWON YURI Fan Meet in Manila Highlights

The venue slowly got filled with excited fans. Some staff members of the local fanbases also roamed around to make sure everyone has banners as part of their fan project. Then, as soon as the lights go dim, PH SONEs held onto their seats as anticipation hit the roof.

girls generation kwon yuri fan meet manila

YURI appeared onstage with her feathery top and jeans to perform the title track of her debut EP, “Into You.” The night started on a wonderful note, with fans unable to contain their feels after seeing the gorgeous black pearl in front of them.

YURI was then joined by the host, Ms. Denise Laurel, and the interpreter, Bae Jinho. She adorably greeted her fans, sitting down as she says “Kumusta kayo?”

KWON YURI Expresses Her Gratitude To PH SONEs

After gracing the stage with her elegance, YURI comfortably sat with the host for a short interview. When asked about how she feels seeing Filipino fans, YURI warmheartedly conveyed her appreciation to everyone who continued supporting her. “I have received lots of DMs and letters from Filipino fans, so I’m really grateful about the passionate energy you have for me tonight.”

YURI also recognized how long ago it was when she last visited the Philippines. “I came to the Philippines 7 years ago for a commercial with my cousin. I’m very excited to spend time with PH SONEs closer for an event like this.”

Before the fan meet started, fans were able to enter a private group chat where they can submit their questions to YURI. The host took time to read a few, and the singer answered them all with enthusiasm. “Yes, I heard about Jollibee. I love Jollibee! I tried the spaghetti, and I want to try the chicken next.”

KWON YURI as an actress

The fan meet had an ON AND OFF SEGMENT, wherein fans were able to know more about her as an idol-actress and as a regular person. During the ON SEGMENT, a board that features the photos of her characters was brought onstage. YURI slowly went down memory lane to describe each of her previous roles, even revealing some TMIs from when she filmed her dramas.

girls generation kwon yuri fan meet manila

Particularly, the Good Job actress said that no matter how busy and exhausted she got, she easily finds the reason to move forward because of the undying support from fans. “How could I be tired when I receive this much support from you guys.” The host also mentioned how she was able to receive three awards from last year’s Asia Artist Awards. “It was all thanks to fans that I was able to receive all those awards. Thank you so much, SONE.”

KWON YURI and her personal life

Proceeding with the OFF SEGMENT, the Girls’ Generation lead dancer thanked everyone who watch her vlogs and subscribes to her YouTube channel. YURI shyly conveys how she feel after getting the Silver Play Button, showing her determination to continue providing fun content to fans.

She also shared her out-of-town vacation with fellow members Tiffany and Sooyoung. YURI shared that it was her first-time playing golf with Tiffany, and she had a memorable experience with the girls. She even mentioned that the three of them planned the trip, and they were not accompanied by their managers.

Furthermore, YURI was all out in entertaining her fans as she actively participated in challenges and games prepared for the night. If YURI loses a game, she will do a punishment. And after trying the Decibel Challenge with Filipino street foods and doing the Filipino Tongue Twister Challenge, YURI adorably did the “Kawaikute Gomen Challenge” wearing a pink flower headdress.

KWON YURI Promises To Return To Manila

“Let’s fill this chapter in my life together.” This was YURI’s message for fans who have been by her side since debut.

girls generation kwon yuri fan meet manila

Aside from an array of her adorable side, YURI displayed her charisma onstage. She performed her 2023 version of “1, 2 Step” by American singer Ciara, as well as a cover of HYOYEON’s “Dessert.”

The loudest cheers came out when she showed off her dancing prowess with Oh!GG’s “‘Lil Touch.” YURI also treated fans to an alluring stage of “Butterfly,” before surprising everyone with the 2009 Girls’ Generation hit song, “Gee.”

girls generation kwon yuri fan meet manila

Officially ending the night, YURI sent her appreciation to everyone who came to the show. She also promised to come back to Manila as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the KWON YURI 2nd Fanmeeting Tour: Chapter 2 in Manila happened on July 9, 7PM, at the New Frontier Theater.

hellokpop thanks CNCA Media for the media invites to KWON YURI’s 2nd Fanmeeting Tour: Chapter 2 in Manila.

Event Covered By: Bea Ibañez, Charie Navarro

Photos: Charie Navarro