Jackson Wang & Rain Draw Prepossesing Music Trance In Single “Magnetic”

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We’re definitely stuck on Jackson Wang and Rain’s sweet music in “Magnetic”!

“Magnetic,” Jackson Wang‘s single with Rain just dropped – and it’s definitely a mesmeric feat!

“Magnetic” is a powerhouse collaboration between two K-Pop icons —Rain and Jackson Wang. The single, which is equal parts Korean and English, is part of Rain’s Pieces album.

Click the image to listen to “Magnetic”

Holding great significance to Jackson, “Magnetic” takes his music career in full circle. When Jackson joined JYP as a trainee nearly 10 years ago, Rain was one of the label’s biggest acts. N

ow, for them to share a single together, not only is it culturally symbolic within K-Pop, but also shows Jackson’s growth as a star artist.

As one of Jackson Wang’s many releases, “Magnetic” flaunts his true colors.  A truly awe-inspiring gift to his fans.

Now focusing primarily on his solo career, Jackson Wang is bringing a new sound. His upcoming music will reveal a more real and raw side of him.

Continuously teasing his fans, Jackson is building out his discography and is preparing numerous releases in 2021.

Expect more surprises from Jackson in addition to growing his music label, Team Wang Records, and his luxury brand, Team Wang Design.

Stay tuned for more news from Jackson Wang.

PR Source: Team Wang