K-Drama Premiere: “Lovestruck In The City” Parades Quirky Cast With Interesting Romance Perspectives

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It took me 30 minutes to draft my thoughts about the almost 30-minute premiere of Lovestruck in the City.

That is because its message was relayed easily without losing the trademark fun of romantic comedy. So far, the format and the witty lines, would be the deciding baits of this digital drama series. Lovestruck in the City is one of the last few Korean series to air this year. The good news is – I don’t think it will hit any boring moment.

Opening Week Rating:


Since my recent discovery of how web drama are not that bad at all through Love Revolution, I am quite anticipating this series for a lot of reasons which is 80% Ji Chang Wook. *chuckles

Billed to be an urban romance drama, it depicts real love stories of young people. The romance plot takes a fast-paced approach in the backdrop of fun and colorful city landscape.

The series will run for 12 episodes every Tuesday and Friday on kakao TV at 5PM KST and will stream on Netflix globally.

Premiere Week Recap

Introducing the characters right away, Lovestruck in the City presented the six characters to move in the story. Park Jae-won (Ji Chang Wook) is a 32-year-old architect. Lee Eun Oh (Kim Ji Won) is a pretty marketer as she claimed. Choi Kyung Joon (Kim Min Seok) works on their family business also as an architect.

Next, Suh Rin Yi (So Joo Yeon) is a professional part-timer because she can’t pick what she really wants to do. Oh Sun-young (Han Ji Eun) is a high school gym teacher and a self-proclaimed serial dater. Lastly, Kang Geon (Ryu Kyung Soo) is a novelist.

These six people participate in an interview session about their lives. They reveal their varying dating style that could be what they believe, but what their previous lovers might disagree to. While others love truly and passionately, others go half-hearted or stay if it is still good.

The fated love that got away

While going to the interviews, Park Jae-won and Lee Sun-oh’s destined meeting was narrated. They met when Jae-won goes for a trip to fulfill his bucket list of staying at a camper van and surfing.

Prior to his trip, he is already in contact with his friend Ra-ra (Park Jin-joo) who arranged for what he needs in his trip.

Picking him up from the airport, he meets Seon-ah/Eun-oh. Gregarious and sassy, Jae-won gravitates to her unique personality.

Premiere Week Afterthoughts

Lovestruck in the City felt like a hybrid docu-rom-com as it features six characters tackling their love and relationship viewpoints. Parading smart quips from the characters, if you like fast-paced stories that cut the unnecessary fillers, you would certainly like it.

The first episode highlights Jae-won and Eun-oh’s fated meeting while they are both on a vacation. Raising ample curiosity, we expect to know more of their beautiful times together. Also, why their thoughts in the interviews aligned somehow. Both still feel bittersweet about it.

It will only take barely 30 minutes of your time, an hour for the complete weekly release. So, given the breezy overview, not a bad drama recommendation pitch, definitely.

Tracing the love stories of the three pairings seems to be the enticing direction of this web series. While the characters and the pictured love pairings are all engaging, I think its fast-paced storytelling will be its reeling point.

Don’t miss Lovestruck in the City on your weekly drama binge plate every Tuesday and Friday on Netflix.

Takeaway Quotes

“Dating changed me.” – Eun-oh

“I dated a lot of women. I loved it every time.” – Kang Geon

“When I look at a girl’s eyes I can tell if she’s compatible with me or not.” – Jae-won

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