K-Drama Premiere: “Was It Love?” Astoundingly Weaves Unprecedented Romance Story Of Multiple Angles

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Song Ji Hyo gets an opportunity to fulfill her career dreams as well as find love in Was It Love? 

Was It Love? bestows a second chance at love when a woman has a miraculous encounter with four men. The answer to whom among these men will be the one to own her heart will get unfolded in layers throughout the series.

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Starring Song Ji Hyo, Son Ho Jun, Song Jong Ho, Kim Min Jung and Koo Ja Sung jTBC’s new romantic comedy, Was It Love? rouses interest with its entertaining plot.

Premiere Week Recap

A single mother who lives for her child

After getting pregnant at 23, Noh Ae Jung (Song Ji Hyo) has done her utmost best to raise her daughter on her own. Though she had dropped out of college because she became a mother, she does not regret it. Also, despite the shortcomings due to her being a single mother, Noh Ae Jung is optimistic about life.

Hence, she does not give up on her dreams and decides to be a great example for her daughter. Therefore, when it was time to start exploring a stable job, Noh Ae Jung applies to work for a film production company since it was her aspiration to become a producer one day.

Was It Love

An unexpected horror

Moving ahead to present time, Noh Ae Jung’s company, Thumb Films is not doing well and many employees had already quit. However, Ae Jung is certain that her company will recover as her boss, CEO Wang had assured her that there will be an investor. Moreover, he also offered her the opportunity of finally becoming a producer.

Unfortunately, there are no investors and the only person who showed up at the company’s door was Koo Pa Do (Kim Min Jun), CEO of Nine Capital, a money lending company. Apparently, CEO Wang had fled away after borrowing money worth 700 million won. Now, Ae Jung must pay the principal along with the interest which amounts to 1 billion won, as it turns out that she was tricked into signing the surety form.

Was It Love

An opportunity to turn it around

Enraged at the devious scheme of her employer, Noh Ae Jung breaks into his apartment. However, the man had already disappeared and the only thing she found was an old contract agreement for a movie that does not even look worthy given its messy state.

Later when Noh Ae Jung and the company assistant Choi Hye Jin (Baek Soo Hee) were scouring over the items in the office, they find out that the contract was signed with none other than Cheon Eok Man, a best selling author. With a new glimmer of hope, the struggling PD goes to Koo Pa Jin again to ensure that she will pay him back with the new movie’s proceeds which is guaranteed to succeed now that Cheon Eok Man is involved.

Thereafter, Koo Pa Jin asks even if a famous author had signed an agreement who would willingly invest in a bankrupt company. To this, Ae Jung suggests for the Nine Capital CEO to invest. Koo Pa Jin decides to give the lady a chance under the conditions that he wants famous actor Ryu Jin (Song Jong Ho) and writer Cheon Eok Man to be a part of the movie project.

Reconnection with the past

It is revealed that Ryu Jin was Noh Ae Jung’s college senior and they almost could have had a special relationship. So, in attempts to save herself from a huge debt, Ae Jung tries to meet Ryu Jin through his fan meeting but fails to do so.

Meanwhile, she also sends a mail to Cheon Ok Man requesting to work with her production company. To Ae Jung’s delight, Cheon Eok Man agrees to meet her and discusses the project. But when she reaches the meeting place, she realizes that the author is her ex-boyfriend, Oh Dae O (Son Ho Jun).

Was It Love

An ex-lover seeking retribution

Apparently, Oh Dae O thinks that Noh Ae Jung had dumped him because he was a nobody back then. The only reason why he agreed to meet his past lover was so that he could humiliate her and would not consider working with her.

After Choi Hye Jin mentions how the heroine of Cheon Eok Man’s first book, Love is Non-existent is very similar to the PD, Noh Ae Jung realizes the book was about her. Later, at his book concert Oh Dae O puts Ae Jung into a spot by asking her on her opinions about the feelings of the main character of the book in front of all the audience.

Noh Ae Jung gives an odd answer by saying that the heroine of the book must have felt horrendous because maybe it was not her who hurt the man but rather the one who got hurt. Saying this, she leaves the place but her answer makes Dae O wonder the meaning behind it.

Mystery behind the father

There is always an unspoken agreement between Noh Ae Jung and her daughter, Noh Ha Nee (Um Chae Young) to consider that the man of their family is dead. Meanwhile, Ha Nee discovers that her school teacher Oh Yeon Woo (Koo Ja Sung) used to be acquainted with her mother and grandmother.

Ha Nee is perturbed after seeing her grandmother, Choi Hyang Ja (Kim Mi Kyung) talking to her teacher and it looked like he was very close to her family. But when she asks her grandmother about it, she is told that she was someone who lived in their neighborhood.

However, inadvertently Ha Nee finds her mother’s old belongings from her college days and a diary with a picture of a fetus where Noh Ae Jung and Oh Yeon Woo’s names are listed as mother and father.

Premiere Week Afterthoughts

Lately, romance involving a woman in her mid-thirties to late-thirties seems to be the ongoing trend. Not that I haven’t seen K-Dramas with similar scenarios portrayed in this series but Was It Love? has still got a refreshing appealing to me because of the presence of interesting characters.

I think it’s more or less obvious on who the female lead is going to end up with and who is the father of the child. Though, I don’t mind if the writers take a 180 degree turn and give a new flow to the story. However, this is less likely to happen.

Was It Love

An engaging drama does not need an unpredictable plot, rather it is the sequence of events which is more important and so far I like how things are going in Was It Love? Regarding Oh Dae O and Noh Ae Jung’s past, I am curious as to why they both think that the other had left them. Currently, my doubts are on Ryu Jin who seems to know more than he leads on.

As for Oh Yeon Woo, I do not think he is Ha Nee’s father but he might also have a connection to why Dae O and Ae Jung’s love story went wrong. As for Koo Pa Jin, he might be as evil as Noh Ae Jung perceives, but the little comedic moments between the two are hilarious especially Koo Pa Jin’s appearances that sends nightmares to Noh Ae Jung.

Was It Love? airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 PM KST via jTBC.

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