On Hellokpop’s Playlist: DKB Takes Us On A “ROLLERCOASTER” Ride In 1st Single Album

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Experience love like a “ROLLERCOASTER” through the latest DKB single.

The boys of DKB brought out yet another unique to their style music piece. The artists make it easy to find yourself listening to the catchy hip-hop R&B beats of their first single album ROLLERCOASTER.


With an already impressive discography behind them, the power rookies introduced a new distinguishable song. “ROLLERCOASTER” is a hip-hop R&B piece with melodic sound and a heavy 808 bass, presenting deeper emotions and a new side of DKB. The song expresses the conflict between lovers and compares the repeated pain of love between them to riding a rollercoaster.

Just like how the attraction would take you up and down, there are moments when relationships can be just like a bumpy ride. Things can be going smoothly one moment, but they can as easily go downhill fast. This interpretation is brought with the help of the easy-to-listen-to-track and its compelling melody and lyrics.

The music number offers a set of beautiful vocals that will captivate hearts with their sweetness. It also features rap parts that fit quite nicely with the soft yet lively music.

DKB members are the main attraction in the fast-paced “ROLLERCOASTER” MV

The music video brings forth an aesthetic that matches the hip-hop genre. In addition. it presents the new transformation of the members and highlights their charms and talents.

The dynamic dance matches with the theme of the song and takes a firm grasp on viewers’ attention. To further enchant in this experience, the boys play out their emotions in various settings, showing their troubled expressions. The members give off a feeling of being trapped in a never-ending cycle that they wish to break out from.

Overall, despite the song being quite easy to get attached to and enjoy, it also does not let one take a break from everything that is happening. Both, the music video and the track flawlessly digest the rollercoaster ride theme, delivering a memorable time with the DKB members.

Image & Video source: Brave Entertainment